If i Block Someone on Snapchat Can i Still See Their Story?

Ever since Snapchat was launched 11 years ago, people knew it was going to be something different. The platform had set out to create a unique world of social media, and over a decade later, they’re still going strong with the same goal in mind.

if i block someone on snapchat, can i still see their story

From the timed messages and snaps of the platform to its quirky filters, the platform offers everything a person might look for to entertain themselves socially online. However, like most things in life, it comes with its own downsides as well.

Whether you were upset with a friend or were having a lover’s spat, have you ever ended up blocking the next person in the heat of the moment? You needn’t feel insecure about your answer; we’ve all been there and know how humiliating it can feel later on.

Our topic of discussion today revolves around the block feature on Snapchat as well. If you have ever blocked someone and later wondered about the possibility of seeing their story, stick with us till the end to figure out if it can be done.

What Happens When You Block Someone on Snapchat?

They won’t appear on your Friends list

As a Snapchatter, you must’ve checked your My Friends list multiple times, haven’t you? This list, located on your profile, contains the name of everyone you are friends with on the platform.

But when you block a friend on Snapchat, their name will disappear from your My Friends list. The same thing will happen to their My Friends list as well; if they open it and start looking for you, they’d end up disappointed.

Any message or snap they send will not be delivered to you

The second important consequence of blocking someone is that your Conversation with them will be removed from both theirs and your own Chat tab.

And even if some older, saved messages might be left behind in their Chat tab, any new message or snap they send you will appear delivered to them but will not come through to you.

If i Block Someone on Snapchat Can i Still See Their Story?

Having covered the basics of how blocking works on Snapchat, let’s come down to the real question: If i block someone on Snapchat can i still see their story?

Unfortunatelly, you can’t see their story on Snapchat if you block them. As you might have gathered by now, such a thing is not possible on Snapchat, not until you have another mutual friend and are using their account (which is highly unlikely). You need to understand that the action of blocking is meant to sever all ties between you two on the platform; this includes stories as well.

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