How to Know Who Blocked You From Seeing Their Story on Snapchat

Snapchat values its user’s privacy, like any other social networking site. That’s why the app has introduced a plethora of interesting features that make it possible for people to enjoy the highest level of privacy while showing their posts and stories to their friends and loved ones. It has added an option that allows you to block people from watching your stories on Snapchat. In simple words, if someone blocks you from their story list, you will no longer be able to watch their Snapchat stories every time they post something new. Sadly, Snapchat will not tell if you are blocked from watching stories.

know who blocked you from seeing their story on snapchat

The most common reason why you might be unable to watch their stories is that they have set their preference to “friends only” and you might not be on their friends’ list. Or, it could be because of a simple technical glitch. There are times when Snapchat shows an error that says “story is unavailable”. That doesn’t always mean the person has blocked you. It can be because of a technical error. So, to resolve it, update your app.

How to Know Who Blocked You From Seeing Their Story on Snapchat

Snapchat does not have any feature that allows you to see if you are being blocked to see others’ stories. That’s because it will violate the users’ privacy. Their story must be visible to other friends, except those who they have added to their block list.

One way to tell if you are blocked from seeing their story is that they do not post stories much (especially if they did post a lot of stories earlier). But, that’s only an assumption. There can be many reasons why they have stopped posting stories. Here are a few ways that you can use to tell if you are blocked from watching their Snapchat stories.

Ask a Common Friend

If they have set their privacy settings to “friends only”, then ask a common friend who’s following you and the target’s account to see if the story is visible to them. However, for this method to work, this person must be on the target’s friends list. If they have kept their story settings to “everyone”, you can ask anyone to check their Snapchat account.

Ask this friend to send you the story uploaded by the target. If you are unable to view the story or you receive a message that says “story unavailable”, you are most likely blocked by the user.

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