Can People See My Location if i Delete Snapchat App?

If You Delete Snapchat Does Your Location Turn Off: For the better part of its 11-year-long history, Snapchat has survived without maps. It wasn’t until 2017 that the platform launched its own Snap Map to give users a visual track of the whereabouts of other Snapchatters.

can people see my location on snap map if i delete snapchat app

And while a majority of users adopted this change graciously, it wasn’t that useful to some. To change that, the platform kept updating and upgrading its Map to make it what it is today.

In today’s blog, Snapchat’s Snap Map will be the center of our discussion. If you’ve ever wondered about what happens to your Snap Map after you delete the app, stick with us till the end to find out!

Can People See My Location if i Delete Snapchat App?

Now that you’ve gained an idea of how Snap Map works, we’ll dig deeper to fetch you the answer you seek.

If you’ve deleted the Snapchat app, will your location still be visible to your friends? Yes, but only for the first 24 hours.

You see, Snapchat needs access to your location in order to update it regularly on the Snap Map. Have you wondered how they access your location? If you go to Snapchat’s Help Center, you’ll learn that the platform can only keep track of your location when the app is running.

In other words, it only updates your location whenever you open the app. Moreover, your location on the Map has an expiration period as well! If you don’t open the app for more than 24 hours, your bitmoji will automatically disappear from the Snap Map.

Once you’ve deleted the app, you’ll have no way of opening it, which is why 24 hours later, your location will disappear from the Snap Map.

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