How to Delete Messages on Snapchat That The Other Person Saved?

Snapchat is a social media platform that is trending ever since it was launched for the first time in 2011. Along with Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Linkedin, Snapchat is also counted as one of the most popular social media platforms that audiences engage in today. These social media platforms have been easing our conversation and making it more interesting and interactive remotely since forever.

delete messages on snapchat that other person saved

Snapchat is one of the most reliable social media platforms available today that allows us to perform a whole host of activities with a range of features that it offers. Besides, Snapchat assures its users of a trustworthy service. Though many users often report several errors on this platform, most of them are not permanent and get fixed as soon as they are discovered by the users.

Originally developed as a messaging app, Snapchat still retains its popularity even today and helps its users exchange pictures, texts, and videos in a flicker. But, what if you share something with your friend that you didn’t mean to?

In the world of computers and technology, it is a really natural occurrence when a person sends something digitally to another person, which the former didn’t mean to. On a normal day, each of us sends at least a couple of texts, images, or other media by mistake. Yes, it is a common thing but is it reversible?

There are certain platforms where sending messages are reversible and you can edit it right away, while on the others, like in Whatsapp, you have to delete the message altogether to remove it both from your device as well as from that of the other person.

How to Delete Messages on Snapchat That The Other Person Saved

If you are wondering how you can delete messages from Snapchat, then the process is not as hard as you might conclude. Here we present to you a set of some simple steps to delete the messages from your Snapchat account even if the other person has saved them on their phone.

Step 1: Open the Chat

To begin with the process you first need to launch the Snapchat app. Then, you need to open the particular chat that contains the message that you need to delete. Now, after you open the chat history you need to navigate to the particular message and then tap on it and hold it until you see the Unsave option. Next, you need to tap on the option that says Unsave to unsave the message.

With this method you can unsave a message and the same will be deleted from your profile as well as from the other person’s profile within 24 hours but this will happen only if the other person hasn’t saved the message. Also after a message has been unsaved, it cannot be saved by any of the parties before it is permanently deleted from both ends.

Step 2: Choosing to Delete the Message

You can also delete a particular message that you have sent on Snapchat and this only occurs if any of the users have saved it. First, you need to find the particular message you want to remove. Then, you have to long tap on the message. Next, you will get 4 options to choose from:

  • Unsave in Chat
  • Copy
  • Snap Reply
  • Delete

Here, you need to choose the last option that says Delete to remove the message if either of the parties has saved it.

Step 3: Tap on Okay

You will receive a pop up message where you need to choose the Okay option. This message will appear if you have chosen Learn More on the previous step. This particular piece of text might also appear if you are using the Delete option for the first time. If you tap on Okay then that will again revert you back to the delete option.

Note – When you delete a message, Snapchat will remove it entirely from the device as well as from the database of the app but the feature shall not work at all in case of poor network connections. Besides, this feature only deletes a message sent by you and not the others that the other person has sent to you.

Step 4: Finally, choose Delete

Now, you need to tap on Delete to delete the message. Once you have deleted a particular message your friends will also be informed of the same through a pop up message that says, “Friends can see that you’ve deleted something”.

Step 5: Revisit the Chat

Lastly, you can revisit the chat once to find an in-chat notification that will inform you, “You deleted a chat.” This notification will be seen on both your device and your friend’s. Now, you have deleted multiple chats, then you will see the messages of all the chats that you have deleted. For instance, if you have deleted 2 chats, then the information will state that you have deleted 2 chats.

Final Words:

Deleting messages from Snapchat is fast and easy only if you are thorough with the process of doing it. The above hacks will definitely help you out if you are looking to delete the messages on Snapchat that the other person has saved. Good luck!

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