How Long Does Temporary Lock Last on Snapchat?

Snapchat is a great, nay, the best social media platform for you if you want to be private and safe while having fun and staying on top of trends. It’s just the sheer number of possibilities it provides: you can become an influencer or choose to only connect with close friends, family, and acquaintances. Regardless of your choice, you can follow other influencers and celebrities and see what they’ve been up to. Not unlike Instagram’s Explore tab, Snapchat also has quite the intriguing Discover tab with all the content you’ll ever want to stream. And if you’re more of a Reels person, you can also get that on the Spotlight tab.

long does temporary lock last on snapchat

Now, enough about features that have been replicated; let’s get to what Snapchat offers you, which you also won’t find anywhere else. For example, let’s start with what brought this platform to where it is today: snaps. The idea of sending someone an image without leaving any trace on either device was very welcome among teens and young adults.

However, today, this has sadly changed. Snapchat has forgotten why snaps were loved since they have now added the feature to replay, save, and even download a snap. Sure, it is optional, but it has still somewhat affected the sanctity of the platform, won’t you agree?

But as Snapchat had already amassed users before this big change, people became more focused on its other features. Snap Map, Bitmoji, and Discover are highly intriguing features that cannot attract users but can surely make them stay.

Anyhow, what’s important today is that despite the nit-picky changes, Snapchat is still all it promises to be. For an exciting experience without the fear of privacy and security, sign up on Snapchat now!

Today’s blog will discuss how long a temporary lock on Snapchat lasts.

How Long Does Temporary Lock Last on Snapchat?

Let’s dive straight in: how long does a temporary lock on Snapchat last? Well, officially, it is only supposed to last for 24 hours. However, there have been many instances where users reported having to wait for at least three days.

Although we’re not sure what causes this discrepancy, it is possible that the period of a temporary lock is extended based on the offense. Still, there’s nothing to prove that this is anything more than a working theory.

A more plausible explanation for this might simply be a technical problem or a glitch on Snapchat’s part. After all, Snapchat does have hundreds of millions of users, and it’s not easy to maintain a platform on such a large scale. So, instead of overthinking, it’s best to give it some time.

Let us now talk about why accounts are temporarily locked on Snapchat, so you can better understand what not to do.

Why has my account been temporarily locked on Snapchat?

On a broader scale, the main reason why Snapchat temporarily locks accounts is that some activity on the said accounts goes against their community guidelines. The Snapchat community guidelines have been laid down to ensure that all users have a fun time.

If your account is in violation of these guidelines, it means some activity of yours can be problematic for other users. Snapchat warns you not to continue with a temporary lock to prevent that possibility.

So, what are the most common actions you must steer clear of?

Spam and other unusual behavior

One thing all social media are strictly against is spam. No one wants to receive irrelevant promotional messages they aren’t interested in. Not only are they problematic, but they are also disturbing in some cases.

Besides spam, posting content to manipulate users, also known as clickbait, is strictly prohibited. It wastes the users’ time and decreases the platform’s overall credibility. Sadly, not enough accounts are being punished for all the clickbait content you’ll find out there.

So, if you have indulged in either of these activities, then a temporary lock is nothing to be surprised about. All you need is to cease these problematic practices when you regain access to your account, and all will be forgiven.

Your account could be compromised

Even though temporary locking is generally a result of some suspicious or problematic activity from your side, it isn’t always that way. Sometimes, your account might be locked because Snapchat deduced it might be compromised.

This means someone has gotten a hold of your account, most likely a bot, because it proceeds to perform several unnatural activities. This includes adding an unusual amount of people to your friend list or removing everyone from your network.

To prevent this from happening, follow the steps to keep yourself safe on Snapchat regularly. Some practices that you can include are:

  • Check your privacy settings- who can see your snaps, stories, and location?
  • Never give your Snapchat password to anyone, not even a Snapchat representative.
  • Set up Two-factor Authentication.
  • Try to connect only with people you know in real life.
  • Don’t forget: users can take screenshots of your snaps, even if they’re set on view once.

You’ve logged in to your account from a banned device

Have you recently logged in on a friend’s device? This might be why your account has been locked: when Snapchat bans a device, it’s usually because the account was terminated for malpractice.

So, to ensure that the user doesn’t create an account on Snapchat again, Snapchat bans the device itself. If you sign in from such a device, don’t worry; you only have to log out and never log in from that device again.

You’ve employed a tweak, plug-in, or a third-party app to access Snapchat

One of the most common mistakes users often make is downloading some extension, third-party app, or plug-in.

Now, you might be wondering, what is the point of that? Well, this is because these tools help users bypass Snapchat’s security measures. For example, a third-party app might help you take a screenshot of a snap, chat, or story without the owner finding out about it.

However, it’s also common knowledge that these tools are very harmful to your device. They can result in a myriad of technical problems that will eventually render your device unusable.

If your account has been temporarily locked because of such a tool, uninstall/remove those tools before attempting to log in again. If you don’t, your account will soon be permanently locked.

So, there you go! These are all the reasons why your account could’ve been temporarily locked. If you’re positive that none of these are the reason behind your inconvenience, don’t hesitate to contact Snapchat!

In conclusion

At the end of today’s blog, let’s recap all we’ve discussed.

Snapchat is among the most Gen Z-favored social media platforms you’ll find. It is the perfect blend of fun, uniqueness, and privacy.

However, strict privacy and security apply to everyone. Most of us aren’t concerned with reading the blueprint; the terms and conditions are often unread. This is why users often have no idea why action has been taken against their accounts.

A temporary lock on Snapchat generally lasts for 24 hours, after which you can easily gain access to your account. We’ve also discussed why your account has been temporarily locked and how to prevent this from happening again.

If our blog has helped you with your issue, do tell us all about it in the comments!

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