How to Check When Someone’s Snapchat Account Created

Snapchat’s debut was a rollercoaster of reactions. People were confused, excited, and, well, a lot in love with the ghost logo and disappearing chats. No scrolling timeline, no likes and comments, and a plethora of filters for users! The social media app was unlike other apps and moved away from quite a lot of features that a typical social media platform had.

check when someone's snapchat account created

Even though it took time for many to get accustomed to the app, we soon saw celebrities, influencers, and youngsters flocking to the app! Now the app is known to be one of the world’s top social media platforms!

Snapchat’s journey to success was quite bumpy, but they have reached the peak of its popularity, and its features have clearly paid off.

Snapchat came into the social media space back in 2011, and people have been making accounts on the platform ever since.

But do you wonder when some of your contacts on the app created their account? Well, this is a question that a lot of Snapchat users have been curious about, and we decided to answer it today.

So, we will tell you how to check when someone’s Snapchat account was created in this blog today. Well, what are you waiting for? You need to delve right into the blog to know the answers.

How to Check When Someone’s Snapchat Account Created

Do you happen to remember when your best friend created their Snapchat account? You have been maintaining streaks for far too long, and you cannot recount the years of friendship you both have on the app!

Well, we know being curious about when they created their account is natural, and this is the reason we have created this section. Let us tell you that you cannot check when someone’s Snapchat account was created directly.

Checking your own Snapchat account’s creation date is easy, which we will discuss later on. But when you execute the steps for checking your own Snapchat account’s creation date, you will find when you became friends with the person.

So, the method would go to waste. Hence we came up with different workarounds that would help make an estimated guess when someone’s account on the app was created. Thus, let us check the sections individually below to learn more.

Trick #1: Checking their Snapchat score

Everyone is aware that Snapchat has essentially perfected the art of interaction. The app developers have added the Snapchat score feature that tracks our usage activity on the platform.

We all are pretty interested to know about each other’s Snapscore, but do you know how the app calculates it? As per Snapchat support, the score is determined by the number of snaps you send and receive, the stories you have posted, and “a couple of other factors.”

So, it makes it quite apparent that your Snapscore will increase based on these activities on the app, right? Well, we believe that you can check anyone’s Snapchat score to figure out when their account was created. Of course, it won’t tell you an exact date, but you can figure out whether the account is old or recent based on the numbers.

Trick #2: Steps to check someone’s Snapscore on Snapchat:

Step 1: Launch the Snapchat app on your phone.

Step 2: Look for the target person whose Snapscore you want to see. Tap on their profile icon when you see it.

check when someone's snapchat account created

Step 3: Do you see the Snapchat logo with numbers on the screen? This is the person’s Snapchat score.

check when someone's snapchat account created

You can tap on it and see the Username’s Snapscore window open. It will read: Username has a Snapscore of (numbers!)

check when someone's snapchat account created

Trick #3: Asking the person directly

Snapchat tells us when we created our account but won’t tell us when others did the same, right? Well, you can always contact the target person directly and ask them about this piece of information.

They can instantly check their creation date on their Snapchat account and tell you about it. This is the direct method, and you will get the exact date of their account creation.

You can either send them a message on Snapchat or ring them to know about it. Note that while you can casually ask your friends, you should be a little more polite in questioning someone you don’t know much. You can explain why you need to know; perhaps they will be nice enough to share the date with you.

How to check your Snapchat account’s creation date?

Well, using the app has been a rollercoaster ride for users, right? From sending disappearing photos to in-the-moment stories, the app‘s quirky filters have made the stay worth it. But sometimes, we desire to know how long it has been since you joined this madness, right?

Do you wish to remember when the day you first joined Snapchat, too? Well, knowing when you stepped into the crazy world of filters and disappearing images is easier than you might think. You should check out the steps below in order to grasp things better.

Steps to check your Snapchat account’s creation date:

Step 1: Go to the official Snapchat app on your device.

Step 2: Your profile picture icon is present towards the upper left corner of the screen. Please tap on it to continue. 

check when someone's snapchat account created

Step 3: Please scroll down to the bottom of your profile page. You will see a Joined Snapchat on (date/month/year).

check when someone's snapchat account created

In the end

As we have reached the end of the blog, let us discuss the topics we have explored so far, shall we? The topic of our conversation centered on Snapchat today. We discussed “how to check when someone’s Snapchat account was created.”

We talked about checking someone’s Snapchat score and talking to the person directly. We also went ahead and explained how to check your Snapchat account creation date.

We hope the answers in our blog were satisfactory to you. Please drop your comments down below. You can follow us for more such how-to guides and tech-related questions and answers.

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