How to Listen to Whatsapp Voice Messages Without Sender Knowing

How many times have you gotten into a dispute with someone over a WhatsApp message that you couldn’t respond to right away or needed some time to consider? If you despise WhatsApp’s blue ticks, then this editorial is for you. You can disable the blue ticks for text messages through settings, as you presumably already know, but for some inexplicable reason, you can’t do it for voice messages.

listen to whatsapp voice messages without sender knowing

Listening to a voice message will transmit a playing receipt, also known as a second tick or blue tick, which informs the sender that you have heard the voice message, even if Read Receipts are disabled in WhatsApp. But there are some tricks that can help you to listen to Whatsapp voice messages without the sender knowing. We have discussed some tricks below kindly follow the path:

How to Listen to Whatsapp Voice Message Without Sender Knowing

1. Activate Airplane Mode

To listen to WhatsApp audio messages, we recommend turning on Airplane Mode. Because of its simplicity, it is the most used approach on the internet. Because airplane mode disables your internet connection, WhatsApp won’t be able to provide the sender a read receipt. One thing to keep in mind is that once the mobile network connection is activated, the contact will receive the notification right away.

The steps are as follows:

  • Once you’ve received the voice message, double-check that the audio has fully downloaded.
  • Do not enter the chat conversation or press the play button.
  • Then, turn on Airplane Mode and disable mobile data connectivity.
  • Return to the WhatsApp app and listen to the voice message without being discovered.

2. Forward the Message to a Group

To avoid listening to the message directly in the chat, this solution makes use of WhatsApp features. The three steps are listed below:

  • Make a new WhatsApp group with no members. To do so, form a group (even if it’s only one person) and exclude everyone but yourself.
  • Select the voice message from the chat where you received it. Next, choose the empty group by pressing the forward button.
  • Take a moment to consider the message you just sent to the empty group.

In practice, you can use this strategy to listen to a copy of the voice message rather than the original. The main disadvantage is that each time you do so, you produce a copy of the file in memory, which might lead to memory clogging over time. Remember one thing you should keep your read receipts off show that while forwarding voice messages to an empty group the individual does not get to know about it that you have seen the message.

3. Access WhatsApp Voice Notes from File Manager

The alternative option is to use the local backup to listen to WhatsApp audio. Before listening our audio files, WhatsApp will automatically download and store them in a file manager. As a result, if you listen to WhatsApp audio files from the backup, the WhatsApp read receipt notice will not be activated.

Here’s how to listen to WhatsApp voice messages via the file manager.

  • Launch your File Manager application.
  • Go to Internal Storage and choose it.
  • Select WhatsApp and then Media from the drop-down menu.
  • You’ll discover WhatsApp Voice Notes in this section.
  • There will be a lot of sub-folders, most of which will be named after the creation date. You must manually locate and sort the contents of today’s folder.
  • You can now hear WhatsApp audios from all chats, but you’ll have to guess which one is the one you’re looking for because you don’t have the contact name.

4. Use Third-Party Tools

One can even install third-party applications which are available on market, applications like opus player or kidsguard are some name of application which you can download which will help you to listen whatsapp voice messages without knowing sender knowing. This solution (available only for Android smartphones) does not require you to disconnect from the internet or copy any files. You only need to download an app that allows you to listen to audio messages without having to use WhatsApp.

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