How to Fix Whatsapp Broadcast Message Not Delivered

WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging app that allows users to communicate without paying for SMS by using Internet data or Wi-Fi. WhatsApp users can send a WhatsApp Broadcast Communication, which is a mass message to a large group of individuals that only allows them to respond to you individually and does not allow receivers to see each other. It’s perfect for personal announcements, party invitations, and more.

fix whatsapp broadcast message not delivered

To begin, a WhatsApp broadcast is when you send a message to a group of people. To send a broadcast, you must first build a broadcast list, which allows you to send a text to a large number of people at once. If you’re a business owner who wants to promote their products on a regular basis or an individual who wants to send a festival greeting to a large number of contacts, or an HR who needs to keep employees informed about what’s going on in the office, you don’t need to send an individual message to everyone, nor do you need to create a group. This is where the use of broadcast lists comes into play.

It is beneficial to the sender since it saves a lot of time because the sender does not have to message each contact separately. The receivers benefit from the broadcast lists since the WhatsApp number is only known to the sender of the broadcast, not to the full broadcast list, unlike WhatsApp groups, where every member can see the number. However, while sending broadcast messages to your contacts there are chances that it may not delivery to some of your contacts. There are many reasons behind that which may cause this error.

The following are a few of the reasons why some WhatsApp Broadcast Message recipients do not receive the message.

Due to an improper WhatsApp Number Format, the message may not be sent in some situations. The phone number of the person you’re trying to communicate on WhatsApp is incorrect.

For International Numbers:  Make sure to store a contact’s international WhatsApp number in your phone address book by starting with a plus sign (+). After that, write the country code, then the complete phone number.

For Local Numbers: As if you were dialing a phone number, type in the number.

Number Not Saved: The receiver must have the sender’s phone number in their contact book to receive broadcast messages; otherwise, they will not be delivered.

How to Fix Whatsapp Broadcast Message Not Delivered

To fix such problems the sender should first check the number whether the number is been correctly saved then check whether the receiver is has saved this number in his contact list because the receiver will not receive a broadcast message from the sender if a receiver has not saved his number. So if a number is not saved by the receiver the sender must inform the receiver to save the number to receive broadcast messages.

Secondly, if the number is already saved then the sender should wait for a while to as the receiver may having some issue in-network or may this phone is switched off, so the sender should wait for some sort of time and give time to the receiver to come back in network area or let the receiver switch on the phone so that he can receive your broadcast message.

If the receiver do not receive your message even after some days then there maybe there is a chance of been blocked by the receiver. If the sender is unable to see this display picture or status and even this last seen then there is the chance of been getting blocked. This can only be fixed by the receiver if the receiver will unblock the sender then only the sender may be able to send a broadcast message to the receiver.

Hope this information may have helped you to fix your problem regarding the broadcast message not getting delivered.

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