How to Fix Whatsapp Broadcast Message Not Delivered

Earlier, when people needed to send a big message, announcement, or invite to a large number of people, they used to send them mails. However, e-mails are quickly getting outdated, with its biggest competitor being WhatsApp.

fix whatsapp broadcast message not delivered

With WhatsApp’s more convenient messaging process and informal style, more and more people are signing up on the platform every day. In return, WhatsApp keeps adding newer, more innovative features to the platform from time to time. One such feature that was recently added to WhatsApp is the WhatsApp broadcasting messages feature. Today, we’ll talk about an error message on that feature (Broadcast message not delivered) and what you can do to fix it.

If you are a new user on WhatsApp, then all of this must sound very confusing to you. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you. In today’s blog, we’ve also discussed how the WhatsApp broadcast messaging feature works and how to send out a broadcasted message on WhatsApp.

How do WhatsApp Broadcast Messages Works?

Before we move on to how you can fix your issue, let’s first talk about how the WhatsApp broadcast messaging feature works for the new users.

Let us suppose that you are in-charge of organizing your monthly office party, and are running really late. Your most important problem at hand is: you don’t have any time left to send invites to all of your co-workers. So, what will you do? How can you make sure that you send them all invites before you run out of time?

Lucky for you, WhatsApp has come to your rescue with a feature called broadcasting messages.

You can create a broadcast of all the people to whom you need to send the invites, and you’ll be able to do it at once! Doesn’t that sound easy?

All you’ll have to do is make a WhatsApp broadcast list, add all your co-workers to it, and write an invite. When you click on send, all of your co-workers will receive the message at once. And you know what the best part is? No one in your broadcast list will ever find out that they’ve received a broadcasted message unless they search for it on your phone.

How to Fix Whatsapp Broadcast Message Not Delivered

Now, let us move on to our initial question: how to fix WhatsApp broadcast messages not delivered?

If your Broadcast message wasn’t delivered to a few contacts, don’t panic. There are a couple of reasons why something like this might happen. Let’s talk about them so that you can get a clear-cut solution to your problem.

1. They Haven’t Saved Your Number in Their Contact List

Like we’ve already mentioned before, if the person on the receiving end hasn’t saved your number in their contact list, then they won’t receive your message.

All you need to do is simply ask them to check if they’ve saved your number. And even if they didn’t receive the broadcast message, you can easily forward the message to 4-5 people without any hassle.

2. They’ve Blocked You on WhatsApp

If you’re sure that your number is saved on their phone, then there can only be one other reason: they’ve blocked you on WhatsApp, unknowingly or otherwise. If you really need to get that invite to them, you can either call them and tell them about your situation or ask a co-worker to share the invite with them.

Final Words:                               

As we come to the end of today’s blog, let us recap all that we have learned today.

WhatsApp has a feature called broadcasting messages, using which you can send the same messages to up to 256 people at once. It’s usually used for invites, announcements, and important information. There are two reasons why you’re seeing the WhatsApp broadcast message not delivered, and we’ve told you how you could fix both.

If our blog has helped you in any way, don’t hesitate to tell us all about it in the comment section below!

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