How to View Someone’s Whatsapp Profile Picture If They Blocked You

Whatsapp is the most used messaging app on the planet. This application is used by almost everyone. Because it is relatively affordable and provides more possibilities, no one uses the via message app to text someone. As previously said, Whatsapp has an extensive feature set. However, you may get the impression that someone has been following you too closely or has peered too deeply into your personal life. He or she may also be sending you unwanted texts.

view someone's whatsapp profile picture if they blocked you

Keeping all of this in mind, WhatsApp includes security measures that allow you to block a contact if necessary. One of Whatsapp’s features is the ability to block someone. We can’t see someone’s profile photo, status, last seen, or whereabouts if they block us.

However, even if you wish to see someone’s Whatsapp Dp, you will be blocked. You’ve come to the correct location. Because we’ll show you how to watch Dp on Whatsapp even if it’s blocked.

How to View Someone’s Whatsapp Profile Picture If They Blocked You

1. Second Phone Number

You’ll need a second phone number that isn’t connected to your Whatsapp account. On this number, you must create a Whatsapp account.

  • Create a Whatsapp clone or download a similar programme.
  • Now, Make a clone Whatsapp
  • Enter your new number in the new Whatsapp
  • After entering the code and Name, you can see the home screen of the clone Whatsapp.
  • Now, click on the right down message button
  • Search the number Who block you

You can now view his or her profile photo (Whatsapp DP). You can also see when and where he was last spotted.

Note: If you turn on his or her privacy settings, you won’t be able to access his or her Whatsapp Dp, last seen, or whereabouts.

However, if you want to access his or her Whatsapp DP, you must have the private settings turned on. After that, read the text below. In this instance, it will be beneficial.

2. Use Your Friend’s Whatsapp

In this case, you need a mobile phone of your friend who is also his/her friend. Because if he/she turns ON the privacy settings, you can use your friend Whatsapp to see the profile picture. Moreover, you can check that he/she blocks you or turn ON the privacy settings.

To see you are blocked by him/her, follow the given steps. Even his/her all privacy settings are ON.

  • On your friend’s phone, open Whatsapp.
  • If his/her status is not listed, proceed to the next step.
  • Look up his or her phone number.
  • Go to his/her profile page (conversation screen)
  • Check her/his last seen or online status, then text him/her and wait for the two ticks to appear.

That’s how you’ll know if he’s blocked you or not. That is the most efficient method of accessing his or her Whatsapp Dp and other information.

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