How to Fix “Sorry You Cannot Call Because of Their Privacy Settings” on Telegram

Are you seeking a dependable, feature-rich instant messaging app? Welcome to Telegram, the app that’s sweeping people of all ages! This chat service strikes out as one that really values your privacy. The app is popular due to its emphasis on privacy and security. Therefore, it is understandable why millions of users all across the world have chosen Telegram as their go-to app. Calling your loved ones is easy and hassle-free, thanks to the app. However, this “sorry you cannot call because of their privacy settings” error on Telegram is a roadblock.

fix sorry you cannot call because of their privacy settings on telegram

Even if we know it is an increasingly common problem, it doesn’t have to remain forever, right? We provide the fix you require so that you can make calls without interruption. You must read the blog to learn more about the topic.

How to fix “sorry you cannot call because of their privacy settings” on Telegram?

We know you desire to use Telegram without being limited by privacy settings. Of course, we don’t want this privacy restriction to prevent you from calling your friends.

The full message states: Failed to connect

Sorry, you cannot call (name) because of their privacy settings. You can ask them to modify their setting or to call you instead.

The message truly implies that the caller, on the other end, has their privacy settings adjusted to restrict the calls they receive. We’ve got you covered, so don’t stress. We’ll demonstrate quick and simple steps so you use the app’s call feature freely.

Method 1: Request that they change their privacy settings

We know that getting a privacy setting blockage whenever you want to call your best friend on the platform is probably really inconvenient. But stop letting it keep you apart from your loved ones.

You should learn to take command of your Telegram calling experience! You can take advantage of uninterrupted calls by making a few changes to your privacy settings.

According to the message in the pop-up, you are unable to call them because of their privacy settings. Therefore, you can help the person on the other end if they need it by following the guidelines below!

Steps to change privacy settings on Telegram:

Step 1: Log in to your Telegram account to open your chat interface.

Step 2: Find and click on the hamburger menu in the page’s upper left-hand corner.

fix sorry you cannot call because of their privacy settings on telegram

Step 3: There is an option that reads Settings. Please click on it.

fix sorry you cannot call because of their privacy settings on telegram

Step 4: You will be whisked to your Telegram profile and Settings page. Please go down to the Settings category and select Privacy and Security.

fix sorry you cannot call because of their privacy settings on telegram

Step 5: Scroll to the Calls option under the Privacy tab and tap it.

fix sorry you cannot call because of their privacy settings on telegram

Step 6: You are now at the Calls page on Telegram.

The Who can call me option should be at the top of the page. There will be three options under it: Everybody, My Contacts, and Nobody.

Please select Everybody from this list.

 fix sorry you cannot call because of their privacy settings on telegram

Keep in mind that users are free to call you without restrictions whether or not you have someone’s phone number with this option.

The My Contacts option, however, limits callers to those already in their contact book. Thus, you must ensure that your contact is saved on their phone to call them.

Please refresh the Telegram page and try to call them once more.

Pro tip: There is an option called Never Allow under Add Exceptions on the Calls page. It’s also likely that you were added to this list by the individual. Now, you cannot call them regardless of the settings above if they have placed you on this list. So, request that they remove your name from that list.

They only need to choose the never allow option and click the three vertical dots next to their name. A delete option appears on the screen. All that is required is for them to click on it.

Method 2: Ask them to call you instead

We are aware that the privacy settings on Telegram have trapped you. We have another option that might be easier than you think if the first one doesn’t work for you.

There could be a problem that is not allowing you to make continuous, hassle-free calls to them, right? So, why not ask the person you are trying to call to give you a ring instead? Read on to find out how to call someone on the platform.

Steps to call someone on Telegram:

Step 1: Go to the person’s name in the Telegram chat interface and click on it.

Step 2: A dialer icon at the top right corner next to their names in the chat box. Please tap it to call the person.

Closing thoughts

We are nearing the end of our discussion, so let us discuss a few points before we leave.

The error we discussed is a hurdle in staying connected with important people. But with our step guide, you can fix the issue easily.

We sincerely hope that you won’t allow privacy settings to prevent you from calling someone on the app. You are free to comment below with your thoughts on the blog. We would be pleased to help if you have any queries or doubts!

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