Why Did My Tiktok Messages Disappear?

TikTok is among the most popular apps worldwide, with millions of users engaging with it, making their brand valuable and even earning  their livelihoods. With all the apps having their updates from time to time, Tiktok has had its own share of them as well However, a recent update of Tiktok has made its fans a bit furious, which is a disappearing of the messages.

why did my tiktok messages disappear

Though TikTok was never famous for active messaging, making reels and related stuff are the things for which the app has experienced millions of downloads. But despite not being a significant feature, community users have highly used chatting.

Recently, we’ve seen users have been complaining regarding the same, that messages are disappearing after a certain point in time. There can be an array of reasons concerning which this can take place, including message deletion, poor network, glitches, and many more. Want to know more about it? Let’s dive in!

Why Did My Tiktok Messages Disappear?

As there’s a recent talk among people regarding the disappearing messages on Tiktok, we have researched and found out what can be the ideal reasons behind this cause. On looking deep into it, we have figured out this can hardly occur due to any update on the app; instead, it is caused by some common problems like:

  • If the user has deleted the message itself
  • Any glitch has taken place or bugs needed to be fixed
  • Poor network connection
  • Unverified contact number
  • Recently registered on the app
  • Chatting outside your friend list

Although updating the app won’t harm you by deleting your messages on Tiktok continuously. It is known that the new update can shift your message to a new storage location, which is inaccessible for Tiktok.

However, this can happen in a few cases, and if the problem persists, reinstalling the app is likely to fix the issue.

Reasons why your Tiktok Messages are Disappearing

Let’s discuss the reasons why your Tiktok Messages are disappearing in detail below:

Message deleted by the User

The most common cause behind the disappearing of messages from Tiktok accounts is that the user himself could have deleted the messages and forgot about them.

Though this might not be the case for most people, you could either have done it intentionally or unconsciously and might not have remembered the same. This might be fatal depending on what you share with your friends, so be cautious.

Glitches on the App

The second reason your TikTok messages are disappearing is because of glitches in the app. Every app apart from TikTok, has faced arrival of bugs and glitches which eventually degrades their functionality, and in this case, your messages might disappear.

Not only can you face the deletion of messages, but you might also be unable to access your messaging feature.

To fight this issue, you need to:

Step 1: Go to Settings on your smartphone.

Step 2: Access App Settings.

Step 3: Find Tiktok, and clear the cache of your app.

Also, this might happen if the app needs to be updated; all you need to do is go to your Play Store and download its latest version.

Poor Network or Server Error

Another cause behind messages disappearing from your Tiktok account is a poor network, or the server being down. If the server is down, you won’t be able to send or receive messages, and a notification of a Message not sent will pop up.

The same happens if the network isn’t working well, as you need a stable network connection to make your app function well.

Unverified Number

If you haven’t verified your contact number with your Tiktok account, you’ll face messaging issues. To use TikTok without disruption, your contact number must be verified with the platform.

Recently Registered on the App

In case you have a Tiktok account, and for some reason, are required to register again, indeed, your messages will disappear. This is because new registration will make your account a brand new one, i.e., by bringing it to its initial stage; hence your old messages will no longer be available.

Chatting outside the friend list

Sending and receiving messages in TikTok can only be done to people who are your friends and not outside your friend list. Messages sent to anyone outside will not be delivered.

Bottom Line

Before wrapping up, let’s revise all the things that we’ve discussed above quickly once. TikTok messages might disappear concerning a new update, in which case reinstalling the app will sort you out of the problem.

Other reasons include glitches on the app, to avoid which downloading its latest version is necessary, and always verify the number on your account to avoid messaging issues.

Though you can’t do much for a poor network rather than wait for the server to return. Also, be cautious and ensure the messages don’t get deleted from your hands.

Do not worry about your disappearing messages; as you see, this action is very much in your hands if you handle your account correctly.

Enjoy making videos on Tiktok, and have fun with its incredible features. Let us know in the comment section how’d you like the blog and feel free to ask us if you have any other doubts.

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