If You Block Someone on TikTok Can They See You Viewed Their Profile?

TikTok is the latest hub of all the viral content on the internet. People use TikTok to create and consume content about almost everything: be it lifestyle, life hacks, tutorials, education, entertainment, and much more. Between 2019 and 2021, TikTok has essentially doubled its worldwide user base from 291.4 million to 655.9 million. We know, it’s crazy! The reason the platform has grown so tremendously over the last few years is that one doesn’t need expensive equipment or much input to grow on TikTok. You can just begin by using your phone and some basic editing skills.

if you block someone on tiktok can they see you viewed their profile

If people end up liking your content, there’s no stopping you from growing on TikTok. The platform provides its users with a community for every niche.

You might also wonder what happens when you block someone on TikTok and view their profile: will they be notified of the same? We have got you covered on this too. Let’s learn all about it in detail in the following sections. Let’s begin!

If You Block Someone on TikTok Can They See You Viewed Their Profile?

First of all, as we have discussed above, users will only get to know you have viewed their profile in the following case: you and them both have the Profile view history feature enabled, and you have visited their profile in the last 30 days.

Now, sometimes we accidentally visit someone’s profile or simply do not want them to know we have viewed their account. In that case, you might think the quickest solution to them not being able to know about it is by blocking their account.

It is natural to wonder whether they will still be notified about you viewing their profile if you have blocked them. Well, you can absolutely relax because the answer to that is No. If you view someone’s account on TikTok and instantly block them after, the user wouldn’t get any notification about it.

However, one way the user might still get to know about you viewing their profile is if you take too long to block them after you have viewed their account. They could have already seen the notification in the Profile views section. Other than that, the other person won’t get any notification about you viewing their profile if you have blocked them immediately.

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