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WeChat is a popular global platform that helps link millions of users with the same interests. You get to engage in many fun-filled activities like sending a friendly video or picture and even audio while your connections like or comment to it, or perhaps unlike it too! You form a decent bond with your friends on WeChat whose locations are known to you. However, the major problem arises when an anonymous buddy tries to defame you by making unpleasant comments.

find someone’s ip address on wechat

It can cause harassment as they bother you via DM without letting you know their locations. Regardless of the cause, many people might have wondered about the process of tracking someone’s IP address but couldn’t.

Have you ever been into any such situation and desperately wish to know their location? Thanks to technology, ways have been invented to track down such people. All you need is to follow some steps, and this blog will guide you through it.

Is it Possible to Find Someone’s IP Address on WeChat?

With massive technological advancement, nothing remains impossible, and to answer your question directly, yes! It is possible to know someone’s IP Address on WeChat, and the process doesn’t take much of your time if executed cautiously. There are several methods to trace someone’s IP address on WeChat, and we will tell you the detailed steps to help you ease your process.

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on WeChat

As mentioned above, the methods to track someone’s IP address on WeChat can be quite a few, and here in this blog, we will precisely guide you on two different techniques that will help you serve your purpose conveniently. All you need to do is be patient through the process and execute it right.

Here go the detailed instructions for you to follow for each method:

1. IP Grabber

This is the first method where you can view the IP details of the anonymous person using IP Grabber.

Step 1: Tap on the WeChat button on your phone’s menu grid to display the app. After it opens, tap on the anonymous buddy’s nameplate to save the contact.

Step 2: After you save their contact, the other person will be notified that they are on your contact list.

Step 3: Now, start a conversation with the person while he’s online. Make sure to keep it simple and friendly that it doesn’t evoke any suspicion.

Step 4: When you see the person responding, drag the chat to something interesting that could fascinate them. It can be anything such as movies, music, fashion, or any other aspect.

Step 5: Now, detect the video or picture you want to send to that person. For sending WeChat videos or posts, click on them in the app.

Step 6: On the top right corner of the screen, you will find the Send icon; click on it.

Step 7: Once you click on it, six options will pop up from where you have to choose to Send to Chat.

Step 8: Click on the Copy url.

Step 9: Now, move to your browser and open the IP logger tab.

Step 10: Once the screen displays, you’ll find a set of options from where you need to choose URLs and Image Shortener.

Step 11: Next, click on the Shorten Url menu.

Step 12: Move on to Your IP Logger link for collecting Statistics to view the url you posted.

Step 13: You need to choose any domain to add to your IP Logger.

Step 14: You can view the link for seeing the statistics and save it on the clipboard.

Step 15: Copy the generated link in the field.

Step 16: Shift back to the WeChat messaging panel and paste the link for the opposite person to click.

Step 17: The moment the person clicks on the link, go back to the IP logger.

Step 18: Now, you’ll be able to view the person’s detailed IP statistics.

2. Share Location on the App 

This is another way to trick the person into sharing their location, which will help you track down their IP address. Following are the steps.

Step 1: Tap on the WeChat app icon on your phone’s menu grid so the app displays on your screen.

Step 2: Move to the + icon and press enter the location menu that shows up.

Step 3: Now, choose the real-time location from the location menu.

Step 4: The system will display a map showing everyone’s location.

Step 5: If the targeted user finds everyone in WeChat live location, he will be tempted to open the real-time location. The moment they do that, you will quickly get to see their location.

These were the two most comprehensive methods that will help you track the IP details of an anonymous WeChat friend. The steps might seem long but can work wonders if executed carefully, keeping the details in mind. All you need to do is be thorough with every step mentioned above, and your purpose will be served.

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