Does Venmo Notify If You Cancel a Request

Talk about online payments, and the name of an app like Venmo would surface within seconds. Sending and receiving money on Venmo is usually like a breeze. You can use the app to send and receive money to and from friends, pay bills, and split payments. Besides these features, the app also lets users request money from people with a few taps. When you receive such a request, you get two obvious options: Pay or Decline. You can accept the request and pay the user if you want or decline it if you don’t.

does venmo notify if you cancel a request

But if you are someone who finds it difficult to say no, you might be curious to know if declining a request will notify the user and if you can decline the request silently. Let’s discover what happens when you decline a Venmo request and whether Venmo notifies the user about the cancellation.

Does Venmo Notify If You Cancel a Request?

So, let’s come to the question of the hour– Does Venmo notify a user if you decline their payment request?

The short answer is YES. But if you want to know the WHY, you need to read the long answer.

To begin, sending and accepting requests is not unique to Venmo. Almost every social media platform has the option to send and receive requests– friend requests. In these platforms– be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other among the lot– you send requests to connect with new people. Likewise, you also receive requests.

Canceling or rejecting requests on social platforms usually doesn’t notify anyone. After all, no use breaking their heart by telling them about rejections.

However, Venmo is not a social networking platform. It might resemble one because it is very social with all those messaging and other features. But in reality, Venmo remains a payments app that helps you send and receive payments.

Moreover, the requests we are talking about are no casual friend requests, follow requests or connection requests. They are payment requests. And anything related to money and payments is not casual, in general.

Therefore, Venmo notifies a user if you decline their payment request on the app. It sends a clear and straightforward notification saying you declined their request for the requested amount. In fact, Venmo also sends an email to the concerned requester, and the subject line goes like this:

[Your name] declined your request for $xx.xx (requested amount).

You see, payments are important. Anyone who sends you a payment request deserves to be informed about the status of the request. Venmo– like other payment platforms– acts responsibly and notifies the user about the cancellation.

Can you decline someone’s payment request without notifying them?

If you are feeling a bit anxious after knowing the answer we just shared, you might wonder whether there is a workaround to decline payment requests silently without letting the person know.

We are sorry to disappoint you again. But you can do nothing to stop the notification from reaching the requester’s Venmo account.

Venmo doesn’t provide you with an option to deny a payment request silently. You only get two buttons in front of you: Decline or Pay. You have to choose between the two; in either case, Venmo will notify the user.

The only thing you can do to avoid sending a notification is to let the request hang in your account. In other words, don’t do anything. If you neither Pay nor Decline the request, Venmo won’t notify the user (since there is nothing to notify about).

However, remember that ignoring is not a good practice on Venmo or anywhere else. It’s always best to give a clear reply no matter what the reply is.

Can you cancel a payment you sent by mistake on Venmo?

So far, we have discussed the effects of declining payment requests on Venmo. In this case, you already know whether to decline or accept the request.

However, what about the case when you paid someone by mistake?

Sending money to the wrong person is one of the worst mistakes you can make while making online payments. The feelings of regret, frustration, and anger only come later and are of little help. It won’t be easy to get your money back, to say the least.

Venmo doesn’t let you reverse your payments once you have sent them to someone. Once you confirm and approve a payment, the other person instantly receives the amount on their Venmo account.

As soon as this happens, your money is now theirs, and they can do whatever they want.

You can do one thing, though: request the person to return your money.

Request money from the person

Follow these steps to request money from someone on Venmo:

Step 1: Open your Venmo app and log into your account.

Step 2: Tap on the Pay or Request button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Search for the person you want to request the money from. You can search for a person with their phone number, Venmo username, or email address.

Step 4: Once you find the person, tap on their name and enter the requested amount. In other words, enter the amount you accidentally sent the person.

Step 5: Don’t forget to add a note explaining how you sent the money accidentally and want to get it back. Remember to be polite.

Step 6: After adding the note, tap on Request. Tap on the Request button again to confirm.

Contact the Venmo support team

If the payment request doesn’t help you get your money back, you can try contacting Venmo support for the same. Go to Venmo Support Page and fill up the form with all the necessary details.

You must mention the key details while explaining your problem. Make sure to mention the username of the wrong person, the amount, date, and time of payment. Moreover, include the Venmo details of the person you originally intended to send the money to.

The support team will try their best to help, though they don’t guarantee to return your funds.

Summing up

Venmo is a great platform for sending and receiving money. And sometimes, you might receive payment requests from friends as well.

But if you want to decline a payment request on Venmo, you should know that doing that will notify the requester. There is no way to decline a request without letting the person know. But you can ignore the request to avoid any notification.

We talked about many important things about sending and receiving payments on Venmo. If you would like to read more about Venmo and other apps, make sure to bookmark our site! You can thank us later.

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