Does Bumble Show You Profiles That Already Left Swiped or Rejected You?

Does your ideal date scenario with your possible love interest involve loud pubs, yelling over the music, and awkward small talk? Well, we would want to be warm and cozy in our own cocoon while browsing countless dating profiles! If you select the latter, my friend, online dating apps could be your best option! The days of nervous first dates and sweaty hands are behind, thanks to online dating applications. Now, you can swipe and find a match with suitable partners from the comfort of your own home.

does bumble show you profiles that already left swiped or rejected you

Many dating apps are in the market, but Bumble does not hesitate to give women the reins. It’s exciting, unpredictable, and full of questions too.

Let’s talk about one of the burning questions on everyone’s mind – Does Bumble show you profiles that have already left swiped or rejected you? Stick with us as we dive into the topic to learn everything.

Does Bumble Show You Profiles That Already Left Swiped or Rejected You?

Oh, the sting of rejection on dating apps – it’s a feeling we all know too well. We devote hours to creating the ideal profile, picking the best photos, and coming up with clever one-liners just to be swept into darkness.

But do we have another chance to see them if they have rejected us already? Who doesn’t want to taste the sweet possibility of a second chance? It’s something that fills us with hope and optimism, even in the unpredictable world of online dating.

You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that Bumbles shows you the profiles that have already left-swiped or rejected you! Some users might be perplexed as to why Bumble provides second chances when it’s obvious that your possible match didn’t want it to begin with.

Keep in mind that Bumble occasionally displays apps that have been dormant or inactive for some time. So, why do you think you won’t see everyone who meets your criteria, whether they swiped left or not?

Let’s break this concept down a little to better grasp it.

Bumble shows user profiles that you have already left swiped on “just in case you changed your mind or made a mistake.” So, of course, you are still shown the profiles that have rejected you so that the person has a second chance.

We know it is difficult for you to comprehend there are individuals out there who have rejected you, yet you may still swipe right or like their profile. But do you know the best part about this recently discovered knowledge? You will never know if they turned you down or rejected you!

You can simply like their profile, then move on. The person who rejected you might consider looking at your profile again! They might like you back, and then you would be a match. If not, no harm is done, and you two may go to your next potential match.

You can always block someone if you swipe right on their profile on Bumble but don’t want to communicate any longer. But do you know how to block someone on this dating app? Continue reading below to learn more!

How to block someone on Bumble?

Blocking is a tricky subject in the online dating app world. We know it feels a little harsh to cut off communication with someone we’ve been chatting with for a while. However, sometimes both parties must move on, don’t you agree?

Remember, blocking someone doesn’t always have to be negative. You can easily cut people when you see your chats are really not going anywhere.

Think of it as a way to set healthy boundaries for yourself and others. We’ve outlined the steps if you’re unfamiliar with blocking fellow Bumbler users.

Steps to block someone on Bumble via chats:

Step 1: Open Bumble and go to your chat icon. The chat icon is at the far right corner of the bottom navigation bar.

Step 2: Open the target person’s chat and opt for the 3 dots icon at the upper right section.

Step 3: There is an option called Block & Report. Go for it and specify your reasons for the report.


You can report someone from their profile, and we have mentioned the steps if you’re interested to know.

Steps to block someone on Bumble via their profile:

Step 1: To begin, you must sign in to your Bumble account if needed.

Step 2: Navigate to the target user’s profile and scroll to the end to tap the Hide & Report button.

Step 3: Next, you should select one reason to report the profile.

Step 4: You can add more comments if you want the Bumble moderation team to act quickly and efficiently.

Step 5: In the end, hit the submit report button to confirm the action.

There you go! You have successfully blocked the user!

The bottom line

That’s a wrap, folks; we have neared the end of our discussion. Let’s recap the important things we have addressed today.

We learned that Bumble believes in second chances and presents profiles of people who have previously rejected you. We hope you read the section to learn more about this in-depth. We also touched on the topic of blocking in the blog.

Visit our website or post questions in the comments if you want to learn more about anything Bumble-related.

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