VoIP Number Lookup – Find Out Who Owns a VoIP Number

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has grown significantly in the telecommunications sector during the past several years. Many people now use their services since making calls online is quite easier. However, because of its popularity, not only major corporations but also scammers have begun to use it, which is wrong. The VoIP service providers don’t actually understand the intent behind the purchase of these numbers.

voip number lookup - find out who owns a voip number

Now, when you get unfamiliar calls, they don’t initially look suspicious. Most of the time, we can just assume that the call came from the wrong number, but repeatedly getting them may be annoying.

In these situations, we want to know who owns the VoIP number. Now, if you’re here for that reason, we’ll be happy to assist you. So, be sure to get started straight away.

VoIP Number Lookup – Find Out Who Owns a VoIP Number

In the section below, we’ll discuss some of the best methods to find out the owner of a VoIP number. Make sure you check each of them out carefully.

Method 1: Dial *69

You can find out who last called you on your smartphone by dialing the automated number *69. You are given the call’s time along with other pertinent information.

You are instantly connected to that VoIP number, where you may ask the owner for their contact details if they answer the call. If this approach works on your phone, it might be really useful, so test it first before moving on.

Method 2: Contact syncing on social media

Discovering the owner of a VoIP phone is made incredibly simple with contact sync on social media. How?

You can enable the contact syncing option by logging into your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. You must, however, add the individual to your phone’s contact book in order for this approach to work.

The applications will begin recommending that you add your contact to your network. Consequently, try looking up that person’s name in the suggestions, and after doing so, go through their social media sites to learn more about them.

Never forget to use the search function of various social media sites to look for phone numbers. It is the simplest method of contacting a VoIP subscriber.

Method 3: Grabify IP logger

You need to be aware of the Grabify IP logger, which records a person’s IP address. Simply enter an attention-grabbing URL in the search field to master this skill.

Do you want to know how useful this tool is? You need to have a look at the instructions we have specifically specified for you.

Steps to use Grabify:

Step 1: Go to Gratify on your browser.

Step 2: Enter the URL and hit Create URL next.

Step 3: Find the New URL under the Link information category.

Step 4: Now, paste the shortened URL into the text message of the target person’s VoIP number.

Pro tip: If you are unfamiliar with the VoIP number, there is a good possibility that the owner won’t fall for your trap. Please start a discussion or provide a link that is compelling enough to be clicked.

When they click it, Grabify will display their IP address and other relevant data in the Results section.

Method 4: Reverse phone number lookup tools

Reverse phone number lookup tools work differently from other IP-grabbing tools like Grabify. Here, a solid tool that helps you achieve your goal is more important than social engineering skills.

The owner of a VoIP number can be found using websites like BeenVerified and Social Catfish, which are available only for a fee. The steps are essentially the same for whichever reverse tool you use.

Go to the website, dial the number, and start the search. These tools perform thorough background checks and go through their database to get all relevant data about the target number.

Method 5: Contact your VoIP service provider

Have you tried each approach or perhaps more, but without success? If you also use these numbers, why don’t you try getting in touch with your VoIP service provider?

They can quickly identify the caller and provide you with the names of the target users. Please be aware that they sometimes won’t provide you with the information just because you requested it.

You’ll need the assistance or order of relevant authorities to make this strategy effective.

In the end

There isn’t a foolproof technique for finding the owner of a VoIP number that works for everyone. Thus, we have mentioned five methods that can be used to help.

Try each of these approaches to determine which one is most effective for you. Please leave a comment so that we can read it if you would want us to discuss other topics. Visit our website for more tech-related hints and suggestions.

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