How to Find Someone’s Email Address in Google Classroom

We live in a digitally evolved society that is quickly changing how we work, entertain, and learn. The 2020 pandemic demonstrated that Google Classroom had established itself as a genuine game-changer in education. Only a handful of educational institutes haven’t used Google Classroom for their needs, isn’t it? Otherwise, the app has been a huge support during online learning days.

find someone’s email address in google classroom

Students received an incredibly refreshed learning method, while teachers looking to create a dynamic classroom were given a chance to do so. With time, simply enrolling in a Google classroom won’t be enough to help us, right? We would want to share our academic work with our classmates and professors outside the classroom for various reasons.

Whatever the situation, understanding how to find someone’s email address in Google Classroom is quite beneficial. So, why wait now? Let us explore how to find this information in the blog today!

How to Find Someone’s Email Address in Google Classroom?

Are you trying to contact your teachers or students via a medium other than Google Classroom? Well, email addresses are one of the simplest ways to go on about it.

We all know that many people in this room who are only connected to their classmates via Google Classroom have no clue how to get their email addresses. Let us now educate you that there are methods you may employ to pull this information out.

The next several sections will include information regarding this topic. Therefore, please make sure to look it through.

Method 1: Check from Google Classroom

Knowing one of your students’ email addresses is necessary if you’re a teacher. Maybe you need to contact them privately for grade-related things or send them notices meant exclusively for them.

It’s important to know that finding a student’s email address if you use Google Classroom is simple. You may easily get this information if you know the proper steps.

Therefore, you won’t need to search for any potential workarounds if you follow the instructions we have provided below. So, check the step guide.

Steps to find someone’s email address in Google Classroom:

Step 1: Open Google Classroom on your device. Make sure you have signed in using your login credentials.

Step 2: You should now tap on your target user’s class on your home page.

Step 3: There are three options at the bottom navigation bar: Stream, Classwork, and People. Select People from this tab.

Step 4: There must be a Students tab. You must click on it.

Step 5: Go to the student whose email address you wish to check.

Step 6: Can you see the three- vertical dot icon in the right corner? Please click on it.

Step 7: You will find three options: Email student, mute, and remove.

Please click on Email student.

Step 8: You will be whisked to your email. The target person’s email address will be there already in the To tab.

Method 2: Ask from teacher

Finding another student’s email address is difficult if you are a student. Why?

Your page lacks the three-dot icon to open the email student tab. This app does so to protect your other students’ privacy. Additionally, locating a teacher’s email address is also impossible.

Your teacher, however, has access to this information and we have already addressed it. They use this information to invite other people to attend the classes or conduct activities related to the classes.

Asking your teacher for a student’s email address is what we should do. Please let them know why you need this information so they can give it to you without any hassle.

You can easily locate the teacher’s name in your Google Classroom. Let us explain to you where they are in the classroom via the step-by-step guide.

Steps to view your teachers in Google Classroom:

Step 1: Open Google Classroom and tap on your class.

Step 2: Go to the People tab from the bottom of the page.

Step 3: View the teacher’s name in the Teachers tab.

However, you shouldn’t press the issue if the teacher declines. Ask your fellow students right away whether they have access to the email address of the target person. Additionally, you may directly ask for their email by scanning their numbers from class WhatsApp groups.

Method 3: Check your school’s faculty/teachers’ page

Google Classroom isn’t always sufficient for the tasks you need to handle at school or university. Sometimes, you’ll need your professor’s or teacher’s email address.

Traditionally, the most formal method for students to communicate with teachers is via email. In addition, we may need their email address in order to submit any assigned tasks they have given us.

Well, why don’t you check it on your school or university website if you can’t locate their email address in Google Classroom? Visit the website’s faculty/ professor space or Contact Us page for this information.

The faculty members are always listed on the school’s or university’s official website so visitors can learn more about them. This also lets people know more about an instructor’s qualification and areas of expertise.

The website typically includes their phone number and email address so anyone can contact them quickly. But remember that it is not their private email address mentioned here but their school or college email address.

Method 4: Third-party reverse name lookup tool

Google Classroom is not always the most effective approach to finding someone’s email address. Furthermore, gathering this information is mentally taxing. Well, why not try using reverse name lookup tools if nothing else works?

You must know the person’s full name from Google Classroom. We say so because then you can search for them and expect the results to be somewhat accurate. If you’re lucky, your searches will give you the person’s email address and social network profile.

If you uncover their social media pages, you can visit them, read their bios, or directly message them to ask for their email addresses. Try BeenVerified or social catfish for name lookup if you’re overwhelmed by options.

In the end

With this, we have decided to wrap up our discussion. Let’s review the topics we have discussed. We discussed getting someone’s email address from a Google Classroom. Make sure to read our in-depth explanation of the topic.

So, what do you think of the blog we discussed? Please feel free to add your thoughts and ideas in the space below.

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