How to Fix Snapchat Friend Request Not Showing Up

Snapchat is the best social media platform for you if you’re a stickler for privacy. If you’re not Gen Z, it might be tough to get the hang of it, but once you do, it’ll be the most fun you’ve ever had online. Now, you must be thinking: this is a bit of an exaggeration. How can a social media app that only seems to be attracting teenagers with too much time on their hands be of any use to you? Well, the answer is simpler than you’d think.

fix snapchat friend request not showing up

Think about it; if you wanted to test your own social media app, who’d you turn to? Boomers who don’t have much of an idea about social media or teenagers who spend most of their days there? If the people with all the choices and information in the world are choosing one thing, there must be something there, right?

And trust us, there’s a lot on Snapchat. Bitmojis, friendship astrology, and snapstreaks are some of the most innovative social media features. The entire platform has a playful and funky, non-judgmental, and fun vibe. No one is photoshopping pictures or pouring in hate comments under a post.

Not only is it an overall positive experience, but Snapchat is also apparently the only platform that elicits no negative feelings in its users. For example, Twitter users feel guilty, misinformed, lonely, anxious, and depressed on the platform.

In contrast, Snapchat makes users feel playful, creative, flirty, joyous, spontaneous, silly, and attractive. Which platform would you choose: one where fake news for clicks and hate comments is the norm or where you enjoy silly snaps with friends worldwide?

If you’ve been looking for any sign to start using Snapchat, here you go! Today’s blog will discuss how to fix it if a Snapchat friend request isn’t showing up.

How to Fix Snapchat Friend Request Not Showing Up?

Snapchat is a big social media platform, so it’s more than acceptable if it sometimes has a few technical glitches, won’t you agree? Not seeing friend requests on Snapchat can happen for a few reasons, ranging from a misunderstanding to a technical problem on the app’s side.

Thankfully, it’s nothing a full ten minutes of troubleshooting can’t fix. It’s also possible that the problem is not on Snapchat’s end but something you or the requester did. In this case, you won’t have to do anything tech-resulted to get to the root of the issue.

You might feel confused right now, so let’s take it slow. We’ll first walk you through the easiest, most common fixes for this issue.

Check your internet connection.

The most common mistake people often make while using social media is using the apps without turning on their internet connection. It’s also possible that your smartphone has run out of mobile data.

Either way, you only need to connect to a different internet connection; it can be a Wi-Fi or some other smartphone device’s hotspot.

Review your Snapchat friend list.

Have you considered that you’ve probably already added the user back, which is why you can’t see the list? We aren’t saying you’ve done this, but there’s no harm in checking, right?

So go ahead and open your Snapchat friend list. If you’re a new user and don’t know how, let us help you.

Step 1: Open Snapchat and tap on your bitmoji at the screen’s top left.

Step 2: This will bring you to Your Profile. Scroll down and tap on My Friends.

That’s all; now you can see a full list of all the people who you’ve added as friends on Snapchat and vice versa. There’s a good chance you’ll find the person you’re looking for in your requests here.

Clear your Snapchat app cached data.

If you’re sure your internet connection is stable, and you haven’t already added them back, don’t worry. There are still a couple of quite reasonable explanations for the issue you’re facing.

Just to be sure, go ahead and clear the Snapchat cached data on your smartphone. Cached data gets accumulated over time and can slowly disrupt the functioning of an app. After clearing that, go ahead and reboot your device.

Then, go back to Snapchat. If they had indeed sent you a request that wasn’t visible due to the app’s fault, then it’ll definitely be there.

They’ve blocked you/deactivated their account.

That’s about all of the doable fixes for this problem. If none of the solutions we’ve discussed today worked for you, then maybe it’s time to look at other possible, albeit unpleasant, explanations.

For example, if you cannot locate a friend request that you’re sure did exist, then there’s a good chance it was rescinded. Well, technically, a friend request on Snapchat cannot be rescinded.

What could’ve happened is that the sender blocked you or deactivated their Snapchat account. Both of these explanations are equally plausible from an outsider’s point of view, so it’s you who has to figure out the more reasonable answer in this case.

You can only do this if you know this sender personally. If they aren’t on good terms with you outside or if you had an argument with them, it’s not that big of a mystery. However, if they were a perfectly pleasant acquaintance/friend with no reason to hold a grudge, then they must’ve deactivated their account.

If you have them on other social media accounts, check out their recent updates. If they’ve mentioned anything about not using Snapchat or a social media detox, there you have it!

Social media detoxes have become quite the trend today, both for the pretentious value they have and the actual benefits for those who do it. So, if they claim they’re on a detox, it’s nothing personal.

But if they’ve blocked you, the best course of action would be to normally bring it up in a conversation instead of displaying anger. The more emotion someone can see you, the lesser dignity you’ll have in their mind, especially over something as insignificant as this.

In the end

Snapchat is a big platform, yet technical glitches are quite a rarity. On the off-chance that you do find one, don’t worry; it’s quite simple to fix most of them on your own without professional help.

Let’s take today’s topic: how can you fix a Snapchat friend request not showing up anymore? Well, like any other problem, we first need to find the root cause of it. Why did it disappear: is it an app glitch or a result of your and/or their actions?

If it’s a glitch, you can fix it using the solutions mentioned below. But if they voluntarily rescinded the request by blocking you or deactivating their account, it won’t be as easy. You’ll need to determine what happened in this case and how you’d like to proceed.

If we’ve left out any fixes you’re aware of, let us know in the comments, and we’ll add them!

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