How to See Recently Viewed Stories on Snapchat

Snapchat brought about a revolution when it was first introduced in 2011. Who would have thought that disappearing messages could be such a trend? To think that people would be obsessed with a messaging app that automatically deletes messages after 24 hours of viewing is incredible. If you had said this before Snapchat was ever in the market, everyone would have had a good laugh. Now, it’s just the way things are.

see recently viewed stories on snapchat

In fact, the disappearing feature of Snapchat has skyrocketed so well in the market that different social media platforms have brought their versions of it. Instagram has a Vanish mode, which makes the messages disappear after the mode is turned off, and WhatsApp has introduced the concept of disappearing messages on its platform too.

In this blog, we will answer all the questions about Snapchat stories and their different features. Let’s get started!

How to See Recently Viewed Stories on Snapchat?

Snapchat stories are a great way to share content in the form of photos and videos with your friends. You can add texts, filters, location, time, etc., to make your stories more fun and engaging. They’re also a great way to see what your friends are up to.

When you open your Snapchat inbox, you can see if your friends have added any stories to their accounts if there’s a thumbnail on their icon with a blue ring around it. By tapping the icon, you can check their story.

However, once you close it, the story disappears. How can you watch it again, you ask? Let’s address the elephant in the room and learn how you can see recently viewed stories on Snapchat. Here’s a simple 2-step process to help you understand how to do it.

Step 1: Once you have watched the story, you will notice that the icon to watch the story has disappeared. Find the contact whose story you want to rewatch and click on the icon next to their name.

This will bring up their profile panel.

Step 2: You will notice a small thumbnail on the user’s profile icon. Tap on it.

The user’s story will re-open, and you can view it again.

You can repeat this step as often as you like and rewatch their story multiple times in the 24 hours since it was posted.

If you are wondering whether the user will get to know if you watch their story multiple times, you can relax because the answer is No. They will only know you have watched their story at least once through the story views, nothing more than that.

How to view your old stories on Snapchat?

Now that we have learnt how to watch recently viewed stories on the platform, let’s determine how you can view your old stories on the platform.

If you actively use Snapchat, you would know about the platform’s Memories feature. This is where all your snaps, photos, and videos are stored.

Memories allows users to have a private archive of their photos and videos. Here you can view all the snaps you have ever taken in one place.

To access Memories, go to your Camera screen. Then, swipe up from the screen; you will be taken to the Memories page. That was easy, wasn’t it?

Let’s now learn who can watch your Snapchat stories and how you can restrict people from viewing them if you want.

How to restrict people from viewing your Snapchat story?

Sharing your content on Snapchat doesn’t necessarily mean you want everyone on there to be able to see it. Sometimes, you want some content to be seen only by a specific group of people or not to be seen by certain people.

To make your content available only to certain users and restrict others, you can change who can see your story in the Privacy settings by making a custom list of users. Other than this, you can block users to hide your story from them.

Let’s learn how to make a custom list of users who can view your story.

Step 1: On the top right corner of your camera screen, you will see a profile icon. Tap on it.

see recently viewed stories on snapchat

Step 2: Select Settings in the top right corner. Scroll down to Privacy controls and select View My Story.

see recently viewed stories on snapchat

A new screen will appear, which offers you three options; you can make your story public to everyone, restrict it to your friends, or make a custom list to exclude certain people.

Step 3: Tap on Custom and select all the users you want to hide your story from. With this, you now have a list of people restricted from viewing your stories moving forward.

see recently viewed stories on snapchat

You can also block users entirely to hide your stories from them.

To do this, go to your Snapchat inbox. Tap and hold on to the name of the user you want to block.

see recently viewed stories on snapchat

It will open up a list of options; select Manage Friendship.

see recently viewed stories on snapchat

Doing this again displays a list of options; you can remove the user from your friends or block them by clicking Block.

see recently viewed stories on snapchat

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