[Fixed] Dasher Must Be Active to Schedule Dashes

DoorDash enjoys massive popularity, and the company is built on the core idea of ease of customers. It is a top-notch platform for meal delivery services that links local and chain restaurants with their clients. However, if the company is successful, the delivery team should receive much credit.

fix dasher must be active to schedule dashes

You probably are eager for your first dash if you are a brand-new DoorDash driver, right? But as a dasher, the Dasher must be active to schedule dashes is a message that confuses us at first.

However, it becomes distressing when you cannot find a workable solution to this message. Unfortunately, this message has often been circulating on several dasher’s DoorDash apps lately. Let’s look at how you can escape this web if you are also entangled here.

How to Fix Dasher Must Be Active to Schedule Dashes

In our opinion, the error message Dasher must be active to schedule dashes is pretty obvious. It indicates that a dasher is inactive, which is causing the error. However, allow us to explain this and a few additional reasons why you may have encountered the error and how to resolve it.

Your red card is not active

Once your background check is successful, you must activate your red card if you are a DoorDash driver. Everything you need to start dashing will be included in the activation kit, but the red card is the most important element.

fix dasher must be active to schedule dashes

Every Dasher has this red card, a credit card issued by the company. You cannot log in or collect deliveries until this red card has been validated in the Dasher app.

Your red card has probably lost its validity if you have already signed in but are still seeing the warning. So, check that and acquire a new one to log in again.

DoorDash has deactivated your account

If there isn’t a problem with your activation, DoorDash may have deactivated your account. Numerous variables come into play when your account is deactivated, according to the DoorDash Dashers’ Deactivation Policy. So, many drivers have their accounts deactivated, but it never happens randomly.

fix dasher must be active to schedule dashes

You risk being deactivated if you have a poor customer rating or are not meeting the required delivery completion rate. Therefore, remember not to break any contracts, and you’ll be fine. You might have the choice to reactivate using the appeal form found in the deactivation email. So, you should check for it to fix the issue.

In the end

This blog post discusses how to fix Dasher must be active to schedule dashes error. There is no need to become alarmed if you have the problem because, as we learned, it is common.

First, you should make sure your app is activated. Check to see if your red card is active and if everything is functioning normally. We also talked about how being on a waiting list causes problems.

Next, we discussed the deactivation of the card. Lastly, we described how an app malfunction might make this message appear.

Did you determine the cause of the error? Hopefully, you can fix it so you can resume dashing.

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