How to Fix “Cannot Call This User Due to His/Her Privacy Settings” on IMO

We live in a fast-paced world today. Thus, it is important to stay connected with friends and family. That’s when IMO, your all-purpose calling and messaging app can assist you. It is a go-to app for many users that became popular because of its easy voice and face-to-face video calling features. It distinguishes itself from other communication apps with an outstanding user experience for its user base.

fix cannot call this user due to hisher privacy settings on imo

The privacy settings on the app, however, can pose some difficulties. IMO can block unwanted calls, but they also stop you from making calls sometimes.

Have you ever tried calling a friend on the app only to be met with a dreaded pop-up message “Cannot call this user due to his/her privacy settings”? We’ll walk you through the potential causes and solutions to the problem in this blog. So, let us dig in and get your calls back on track!

How to Fix “Cannot Call This User Due to His/Her Privacy Settings” on IMO?

Do you feel frustrated with a privacy settings error on IMO when you call a friend? We believe you’re here because you’re dealing with something similar.

The full message states: Cannot call this user due to his/her privacy settings.

(Standard SMS rates may apply)

The message is followed by two options at the end of the pop-up: Cancel and Invite.

This error is a major roadblock when connecting with other IMO users. The positive news is that you can effortlessly resolve the situation and resume making calls by following a few easy steps. The sections below will lead you through each step, so please check them out.

Fix: The person should change their privacy settings

We know you are drained of being unable to use IMO to make calls because a privacy setting restriction keeps popping up. It is inconvenient to experience these restrictions in order to make a simple call.

Fortunately, the problem can be easily solved by changing the privacy settings. Keep in mind that dialing the person on the other end is not restricted by your privacy settings. It has something to do with the IMO privacy settings of that specific user.

However, the problem is not serious and can be resolved if they pay attention to the following procedures. The limitations will be removed, and then you can use the call feature on the app by making a few minor changes.

We can guide you through the steps necessary to fix the problem if anyone is unsure of where to begin. Therefore, be attentive and check the steps below.

Steps to fix the issue on IMO:

Step 1: Log in to the IMO app on your device to get access to your account.

Step 2: Your profile picture icon is present at the top left corner of the screen. Please tap on it to view your IMO profile.

Step 3: There is a Settings option on your profile. You must click on it to proceed.

Step 4: The Settings page has a privacy option. Click on it.

Step 5: You will be whisked to the security & privacy page. Move down to the Privacy category and select the Call option from here.

Step 6: You will find the following options on the call page:


My Contacts



Select Everyone from the list to get rid of the error. Selecting this option means that users who have added you to contacts or have been added to your contacts can call you on the app.

There are two reasons this error appeared on your IMO account. The individual on the other end may have selected My Contacts or Nobody as their setting.

Using the Everyone option can help quickly fix the problem if it was set to nobody. However, they must add a few more steps if they set it to My Contacts.

This option implies that they have not added you to their contact list. This is the cause of your failure to call them. So, they must save your phone number immediately if they wish to keep My Contacts as their settings in the future too.

In the end

With this, we have decided to end this discussion. Note that this issue surfaces and prevents you from calling a person on IMO because of their privacy settings.

You can try asking them nicely to change their settings to make your call successful. We always look forward to seeing your comments! So, please feel free to comment below with your thoughts on the blog.

If you have any questions or doubts about the topic, we are here to help. You can share the blog with anyone who needs these answers. Don’t forget to check back often for more engaging technology content on our website.

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