How Do You Know if Someone is Actually Online on Viber But Status Says Otherwise?

Have you ever questioned whether someone on Viber is online, even when their status seems to indicate otherwise? We’re sure you must have come here because of this question lingering in your mind.

do you know if someone is actually online on viber but status says otherwise

We all face this common struggle as Viber users with no practical tips to address it. However, in this blog, we address this issue. We’ll also provide useful advice on determining whether someone is actually using Viber, so look forward to it.

How Do You Know if Someone is Actually Online on Viber But Status Says Otherwise?

There are different reasons why someone’s Viber status says otherwise, but they are actually online. We’ll discuss those reasons and eventually talk about how to figure out someone’s online status on the platform. Check out the upcoming sections if you’re eager to know.

They have disabled their active status

Like many messaging apps, Viber provides a status indicator to show whether a user is online on the platform. However, did you know that users may change their privacy settings? Yes, if the users do so, it may impact how accurate the status indication is.

Remember that you can adjust your privacy settings to prevent others from seeing your active status. You might be unable to view someone’s online status if they have restricted who can see it in their privacy settings.

Here’s how you hide your active status on Viber:

Step 1: Open Viber on your device.

Step 2: Navigate to the More option on the screen and give it a tap.

Step 3: There’s a Settings option. Click on it.

Step 4: Look for the Privacy option and select it to proceed.

Step 5: Do you see the Share Online Status option? Turn the toggle off.

Remember, you can change this setting once every 24 hours.

They are experiencing connection issues

A reliable internet connection is necessary for every internet-based application. If somehow your network is causing an issue, the app might not be updating the online status correctly.

You must confirm whether your wifi is working fine or not. If you’re using mobile data, check whether it’s exhausted, and if it is, make sure to get a data booster to avoid the issue.

You can try the methods below to check if someone is truly online despite their status saying otherwise.

Send a Message

If you’re a long-time Viber user, you know it has a seen option, right? So, you can check whether the person has read your message when you send one. So, why not use this feature as an opportunity to see whether the person is truly online despite their status saying otherwise?

Send them a message through the chat window and see how long it takes them to respond. They will probably notice your message and respond right away if they are online.

Even when they don’t respond right away, the seen stamp is sufficient to give you the answer that they are now online. Besides, the two purple checkmarks are also indicators of your messages being viewed by the user.

However, there could be a little flaw in this strategy that we must tell you. You see, Viber’s seen feature can be switched off, just like many other instant messaging applications.

So, if the person whose online status you wish to check has disabled the feature, you can’t rely on the seen feature anymore.

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