Can You See if Someone is Active on Messenger if You’re Not Friends?

Hi there, are you curious about how much you can learn about someone’s online activities? Have you ever had the itch of curiosity? We bet you have. We will talk about Messenger, one of the hottest messaging platforms. Imagine you have to message someone on this platform. Generally speaking, what is the first thing that springs to mind?

can you see if someone is active on messenger if you're not friends

The majority of us consider whether or not they are online to read it, and for good reason. But what if that someone we wanted to message is not our friend on the platform? Can you see if someone is active on Messenger if you’re not friends?

What do you think? We know you’re confused, so we’ll explore the ins and outs of Messenger’s active status in this blog. Ready for a bit of exploring Messenger? Let’s dive in!

Can you see if someone is active on Messenger if you’re not friends?

The iconic green dot has become our savior when we want to message our friends on Messenger. We look at it, know they’re online, and decide to shoot them a message.

However, when it comes to people you’re not friends with on the platform, Messenger works differently. The whole “Are they online or not” question in Messenger typically comes down to their friend status.

Sure, it’s easy to find out when your pals were last active or whether they’re online right now if you’re friends. However, it seems the platform makes it impossible for you to obtain the information if you are not friends. Messenger prioritized user privacy, and hence, this information is not available.

Thanks to your active status, your friends and connections can see that you are active on Messenger. But other than them, nobody else can view it freely.

We understand how unfortunate this is since you were hoping to find out whether someone was active even if you aren’t friends. But who said that you couldn’t possibly make it work?

Don’t give up; there are three methods to view the active status. See the big revelation in the section below.

Open your previous conversations

This method will only work if you have ever contacted the person on Messenger. Therefore, it would be best to skip this one if you haven’t.

This is your opportunity if you’ve ever gotten in touch with someone and then stopped since you’re no longer friends on the platform. If you haven’t erased the chat, scroll to it. You may now view their most recent active status if they have enabled the feature.

Send them a message

It seems this is the first time you’ve ever contacted the person whose current status you wish to confirm on Messenger. Hey, that’s okay also because you can still message them on the platform despite it.

Yes, that’s right. Even if you are not friends, you may still message someone on this popular platform. How? Well, you can proceed if the other person has enabled it in their messenger settings.

So, here’s the difference: anyone else you haven’t chatted with before can only send you message requests. Therefore, bear that in mind the next time you consider texting someone on Messenger when you are not friends. Additionally, you must also remember that you cannot call them until they accept your message requests.

The only thing that would prevent you from speaking with them is if they had restricted who could message them. You can do nothing more to see their active status if they have checked the don’t receive requests option in their Messenger settings.

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