How to Delete or Remove Facebook Messenger Message After 10 Minutes

Unsend Facebook Message After 10 Minutes: Facebook is a large social media platform with about four billion smartphone app and website users combined. When Mark Zuckerberg launched the platform with his classmates, they all already knew that it was going to achieve big things.

delete messenger message after 10 minutes

Following its release, Facebook was only a platform for Harvard students to connect with each other. However, soon after, students from Ivy League colleges based in Boston started signing up.

After months, Facebook was officially open for high school and college students across the world. And two years after its launch in 2004, Facebook was finally open to everyone worldwide.

Zuckerberg realized this was the best time to monetize all of Facebook’s assets since the platform was at its peak. So, instead of adding a DM feature on a platform like Instagram, Facebook launched a different platform altogether called Facebook Messenger.

And get this, the platform today has 138.1 million users!

If you’re one of those users, you must know that Messenger has earned every one of those users. Not only is the platform aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, but it also provides a link to Facebook, so win-win!

Although the biggest competitor of Messenger, WhatsApp, has considerably brought down its user base, it doesn’t matter in the end because both platforms belong to Meta Company.

In today’s blog, we’ll talk about ether or not it is possible to delete a message sent on Messenger after ten minutes. We’ll also discuss a few related topics, so stick with us until the end of this blog to learn all about it.

Can You Delete or Remove Facebook Messenger Message After 10 Minutes?

Let’s first consider if it’s even possible to delete or remove message on Facebook Messenger after 10 minutes. Well, while we hate to be the bringers of bad news, it isn’t possible to delete or remove Facebook Messenger message after 10 minutes of sending it.

And while you might think it’s unreasonable, it’s really not.

Firstly, Messenger has only recently launched the feature of deleting a message for everyone in a chat. Earlier, you couldn’t delete a message for the other person regardless of how long it had been.

Secondly, if you’ve ever sent a wrong message, don’t you think ten minutes is more than enough to delete it? If it’s been longer than that, it obviously wasn’t important enough in the first place.

But don’t worry, we’re sure Messenger will soon roll out an update where that time limit will be increased considerably. However, for now, it looks like you’re stuck with having to apologize instead of deleting the message.

How to Unsend Message on Facebook Messenger for Everyone?

Well, we’re sorry that you won’t be able to delete your message after 10 minutes. For future reference, you should know how to delete a message for everyone on Messenger within 10 minutes of sending it, of course.

Step 1: Open the Messenger app and log in to your account.

Step 2: The first screen that you’ll see will contain your chats with your friends who are also on Facebook. Open the chat that you wish to delete a message from.

delete messenger message after 10 minutes

Step 3: Unless ten minutes have passed since you sent the message, you still have a chance to delete it, so don’t panic. Long press on that message that you’ve accidentally sent them, and a few options appear at the screen’s bottom.

delete messenger message after 10 minutes

Step 4: From the four icons at the bottom, tap on the fourth one from the left. It’s the icon of three dots, with the word More written under it.

delete messenger message after 10 minutes

Step 5: You’ll see two options: Bump and Remove. Tap on the latter.

Step 6: Two options will appear on a pop-up menu at the bottom of the screen: Unsend and Remove for you. Tap on the former option.

delete messenger message after 10 minutes

There you go! If you’re lucky, then you’ve saved yourself some trouble today.

Final Words:

If you’ve accidentally sent someone a message meant for someone else, we understand how stressful it can be, especially if the two of you have a professional relationship. However, we’re sorry that Facebook Messenger hasn’t released an update yet where you can delete a message for both parties after ten minutes.

If you want to know how you can delete a message for everyone in under ten minutes, it’s quite easy to do so. Follow our step-by-step guide for smooth message deletion.

If our blog is helped you in any way, don’t forget to tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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