Why is a Person’s Picture Not Showing Next to Message After Delivered on Messenger?

Messenger is Facebook’s dedicated take on instant messaging platforms that lets users easily chat with their Facebook friends. Messenger offers a vivid interface with several customization options to make the chatting experience smooth, interactive, and clutter-free. From colorful backgrounds and interactive emojis to disappearing messages and encrypted chats, the app allows users to personalize their chats the way they want. However, these additional features do not add to your Messenger experience if the basic features do not work.

why is a person's picture not showing next to message after delivered on messenger

While messaging a friend on Messenger, you see small circular icons below your message. These icons indicate whether the message has been sent or delivered. After your message gets delivered, you usually see a small profile picture of the person below your last message.

However, at times, the profile picture thumbnail might not appear even after the message gets delivered. This might make you confused and wonder what’s going on.

In this blog, we will try to end this confusion once and for all, so you can better understand how chatting and other things work on Messenger. Let’s start.

How do Message Delivery Statuses work on Messenger?

The Messenger app and website have several features, from the basic features to the additional ones discussed above. Message delivery icons are one of the basic features that enable you to know the status of your message on Messenger. These icons are of three types: Sent, Delivered, and Read.

The Sent icon

This is the first icon that appears when you send a message. It’s a small blue circle with a blue check mark inside it.  This icon denotes that the message has left your device and reached Facebook’s servers but has yet to arrive at the other person’s phone.

The Delivered icon

When your message arrives at the recipient’s account, the small circle gets filled with blue color inside (gray on the Messenger website), and the check mark turns white. When you see this icon below your last message, the friend has the Messenger or Facebook app open and has received your message. But they have not yet opened your message.

The Read icon

When your friend reads your message by opening your chat, the circular icon changes into the person’s profile picture. Therefore, seeing the thumbnail of your friend’s profile picture below your last message means they have seen your message.

Why is a Person’s Picture Not Showing Next to Message After Delivered on Messenger?

After reading the above description about message delivery icons, you might have already understood why your friend’s profile picture is not appearing next to your message.

As discussed above, the profile picture thumbnail only appears when your friend opens your message by going to your chat on Messenger or Facebook. When your message gets delivered, you only see the blue-filled circle with a white check mark at the center. A delivered message won’t show the recipient’s profile picture until they read it.

So, let’s briefly wrap up the answer to your question:

If a person’s picture does not appear next to your message after it is delivered on Messenger, it means the person has not opened it yet.

Are there other possible reasons for the non-appearance of the person’s profile picture?

If you have read till now, you may have some confusion about the absence of the profile picture icon below your messages. As such, you might be thinking of other possible reasons that can cause the same issue.

However, you don’t need to worry about anything. The only reason why you can’t see the profile picture icon below a delivered message is that the person has not opened it. It’s not even a problem but just a regular feature of the problem.

If you think that the person could have disabled read receipts, you are mistaken. Facebook and Messenger allow users to hide their online status. But there is no option to hide read receipts. Facebook doesn’t allow users to read messages anonymously.

What if the person doesn’t have a profile picture?

This might seem another reason a profile picture doesn’t appear below your message. However, it’s not quite the same.

If the person doesn’t have a profile picture on their Facebook account, you will see a generic picture thumbnail with a person’s silhouette. In other words, a circular icon will still appear, but it won’t have a real picture.

Can you see the profile picture next to your message if someone blocked you on Messenger?

If a person blocks you on Messenger, several changes take place. All the ways of communication between you two snap shut, and you can’t message them.

Now, there are two ways someone can block you on Messenger. They can either block you just on Messenger, which will prevent you from messaging or calling them. Or, they can also choose to block you on Facebook, blocking you from interacting with them in any way.

In either case, your messages won’t get delivered to the user. If you send a message, you will only see the Sent icon. The message would never get delivered. As a result, you would never see the profile picture of the person below your messages because the message will never reach the recipient’s account in the first place.

Summing up

Messenger has a unique way of showing read receipts in the form of little thumbnails of the recipient’s profile picture. They appear below your messages to indicate that the person has read your message.

But if your messages get delivered but don’t get the user’s profile picture, it usually means the user has not opened your message. While they might read your message as a preview on the Chats screen or notification panel, the picture doesn’t appear unless they tap on the message to open it.

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