If I Block Someone on Messenger, Will They See My Online Status?

We all dream of living the “Monica to my Rachel” kind of friendship, but life is certainly not an American sitcom, right? Things change, and with that, our priorities too. We call it quits on our friendship with someone for a plethora of reasons. In today’s day and age, we need to block some people both in our real and digital lives! And no matter how odd it sounds, you sometimes must block your friends when your relationship turns sour.

if i block someone on messenger, will they see my online status

Fortunately, online platforms today are equipped with various features to make us feel welcomed and comfortable. Let us talk about the instant messaging app Messenger in this case.

It is one of the leading messaging apps, and people have not gotten enough of it since its debut online. It is a standalone app from Facebook and provides a medium to chat and call anyone we want to.

You don’t have to deal with unsolicited messages because they will end up in your message requests. Thus, there is no pressure from anyone!

You have the privilege to decide what you wish to do with these messages!

The platforms provide a blocking feature to cut people off online! You can hardly find users who don’t have a single name in the blocked section of this instant messaging service.

But even with an incredible feature like blocking, people constantly have doubts. Many users raise questions about the after-effects of blocking people. We will address questions that many Messenger users ask online.

Do you wonder whether blocked people on Messenger can see your online status? Let us find the answers in the blog.

If I Block Someone on Messenger, Will They See My Online Status?

Have you ever found someone who is so grating that you want to use Messenger’s block feature on them? Yes, we understand because almost all of us have to go through the daily trauma of their regular annoying meme updates and endless nonsensical talks!

Blocking someone is the ultimate move that people use to kick these people off their accounts to have some peace online. The move is somewhat harsh, but at least you are saved from such people, right?

Blocking on Messenger is simple, but do you think about its repercussions? Of course, they can no longer message you or call you at random hours, which is great!

However, some Messenger users get curious about whether the person they have blocked on the app can see their online status! Do you happen to fall under the same umbrella of people? Well, if the questions also take up your thoughts, we are here to answer them in this section.

Hence, let us get to the point, shall we? Please remember that the blocked person cannot see your online status or your last seen status on the Messenger app.

In fact, letting blocked people see your active status would beat the entire purpose of blocking them in the first place, don’t you think? Thus, you can block anyone without hesitating about this question next time.

How do you block someone on Messenger

We block a lot of people online on various social media platforms. Unfortunately, people have become so rude online that blocking seems to be the only way out.

We discussed the blocking feature in the sections above but do you know how to block someone on Messenger? Well, the steps to blocking are simple on the platform, and it won’t take more than a minute of your time.

Do you want to block someone on the platform? We have the step guide ready for you, so make sure to follow it.

Steps to block someone on Messenger:

Step 1: You must launch Messenger on your device.

Step 2: You must navigate to the target user’s chat on the app. Please click on that chat to open your conversation.

if i block someone on messenger, will they see my online status

Step 3: Their name is present at the top of the chat. You must tap on it to proceed.

if i block someone on messenger, will they see my online status

Step 4: In the final steps, you must move down to find the Block option. Tap on the option once you see it.

if i block someone on messenger, will they see my online status

Step 5: Messenger will ask for your confirmation. So, click on Block again to complete the steps.

if i block someone on messenger, will they see my online status

In the end

With this, we have marked the end of our discussion on today’s topic. Let us recap the main ideas of the blog briefly.

Our topic was, “If I block someone on Messenger, will they see my online status! Well, we have discussed the question in detail, so make sure to give it a read. We also discussed how to block someone on Messenger as well. We have outlined the steps so that you don’t get confused along the way.

So, did you like our blog today? Let us know all about it in the comments. We will love to read your replies.

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