Can I Send Message to Someone Who Blocked Me on Messenger?

In this world we’re currently living in, everyone is busy with their own rights. Whether you’re a student, a worker in the corporate sector, or even a homemaker, the list of things you need to achieve by the end of the day is quite lengthy. As such, we have very little time to give other people, especially those outside of our families. Under such circumstances, it’s rare to come by people who are genuine and hit a spark with you right from the beginner; we call them friends. However, where there’s friendship, there are bound to be disagreements once in a while.

can i send message to someone who blocked me on messenger

Suppose you and your friend are going through one such spat, and in the heat of the moment, the next person ends up blocking you mid-conversation. First, the first thought that crosses your mind: how do I tell this idiot to grow up?

But even to say that – and bring them back to their senses – you’d need a way to communicate with them. Is it possible on social media platforms? Or Messenger, to be more specific? We have all your answers here and are excited to explore them together!

Can I Send Message to Someone Who Blocked Me on Messenger?

Let’s get straight to the concern that has gotten you here; you want to know if there’s a way you can send someone a message to someone who blocked you on Messenger, right?

If you still wish to send this person a message and are prepared to explore other alternatives for it, we do have a few suggestions handy. First and foremost is of broadening your scope to other social media platforms. Just because they’ve blocked you on Messenger doesn’t mean they have done so on the platforms as well, right?

If you’re not connected with them outside of Facebook, your first task is to look them up on the other platforms you use; be it Twitter, Instagram, or Telegram. As you find them, you can drop them a connection/follow request to get connected and send your message across.

However, in case this person only uses only Facebook and not any other social media platform, your choices are quite limited. Even here, you have two options to move forward:

The first one involves having a mutual friend with this Facebook user; if you happen to have one, they could be a link between you two. In other words, you could ask them to convey your message to this user.

In the absence of a mutual friend, you have only one choice: to create a new account. As you do it, you can send them a message request, wherein you convey to them your message. Thereafter, it would be up to them whether they want to unblock you or not.

How to ensure whether you’ve been blocked on Messenger

Above, we talked about whether it is possible to send someone a message after they’ve blocked you on the platform. While such a thing is impossible, how do you know for sure that this person has blocked you? Have they told you themselves? It’s highly unlikely.

If being blocked is merely your own assumption, we’d recommend you figure it out for sure before you go on acting on assumptions. How will you do that? Well, there are multiple signs of being blocked that you can double-check on Messenger. Let’s get to it now:

First and foremost, if someone blocks you on Messenger, any message you send them will not be delivered, as we’ve mentioned above. In other words, the only stamp your messages to them will have is an empty circle with a tick mark, and not a circle with the thumbnail of their profile picture (indicating that your message has been seen by them).

Another important change that blocking brings about is the disappearance of their active status and last seen. After being blocked, you’ll never see this person online on Messenger again.

The restrictions of blocking are also extended to voice and video calls, which means your attempts at connecting with them over Messenger calls will be just as futile as messaging them.

The last consequence of being blocked is that if this person uploads any stories moving forward, you’ll be restricted from viewing them. We hope all these signs are enough to clarify whether or not you were blocked.

Is blocking someone on Messenger the same as blocking them on Facebook?

This is a question we’ve often been asked by a myriad of Facebook users. When Facebook split its apps into two – to keep messaging separate – how many other on-platform features were divided?

Was blocking one of them? Fortunately, it was. Ever since the separation, there have been two kinds of blocking on Facebook: one for Facebook itself and the other one for Messenger. And they’re not the same.

Because Facebook is the parent app, it exercises inclusive control over blocking as well. In simpler words, blocking someone on Facebook will automatically block them on Messenger. Whereas a block on Messenger is limited to the messaging platform only.

If someone blocked you on Messenger (and not on Facebook), you’d still be able to see their profile, posts, and stories added on Facebook; you can also comment on them, like them, and tag them in your posts. The only restrictions you’d be facing are of calling, messaging, and activity status for Messenger.

The bottom line

As we reach the end of the blog, we hope to have helped resolve your query. Our topic of discussion today was Messenger, and how the action of blocking works on the platform.

We learned how blocking on Messenger is a different concept than blocking on Facebook. The latter is more inclusive and, thus, has a larger impact on the person being blocked.

We’ve also talked about the methods of verifying whether someone has blocked you on Messenger, and the answer to whether you can send a message to this user. Is there anything else that has been troubling you on Facebook or Message? Find their solutions on our website!

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