How to Display Active Now on Messenger Without Green Dot

When seen from a purely convenience-based point of view, social media has a next to ground-shattering, positive impact on our lives. Education, jobs, business, entertainment, socialization, investigation, and much more can now be managed with the flick of a finger on a device screen. If we were to ask some of the most tech-using people what the problem with the internet was, there would be a few recurring points. These include the lack of productivity often caused by extended internet use and the ever-present fear of an invasion of privacy.

display active now on messenger without green dot

Regardless of what social media platforms say in their terms and conditions and privacy policies, internet users will always have an unreasonable fear that their private internet activity is all over the internet.

There’s much debate about if this fear is because of those movies where people hack anything in seconds or the data leaks on platforms like Snapchat and Facebook.

Today’s blog discusses how you can display active now on Messenger without the green dot.

How to Display Active Now on Messenger Without Green Dot

Let’s start with your initial question: how can you display that you are active on Messenger without the green dot? Technically, there’s no other way to display that you’re active on Messenger except that green dot. However, you can do a couple of things, such as send a message to a user you wish to talk to or upload a story.

Firstly, let us tell you what this green dot is. You see, by default, Messenger has a feature that lets other users know about when you’re online. This is through a green dot; whenever you go online, a green dot appears on your profile picture. All your friends on Messenger will know you’re online when they see it.

We know what some of you might think: that’s such a massive invasion of privacy! Don’t worry; Facebook thought so, too. So, they added a feature to turn off that green dot if you wish to—however, fair’s fair. If you turn off your green dot, you also won’t be able to see others’ green dots.

(For future reference: in technical terms, the green dot is called the active or online status.)

So, no other option on Messenger will allow you to display your active status to other users like the green dot. That being said, you can still do some things to show your friends on Messenger that you’re online.

Send them a message.

Most of the time, we don’t want all of Messenger to know that we’re online; there are few people that we wish to talk to. If it’s the same for you, then all you need is to message those people that you’re available or/and will be available for some time if they’re free.

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