Why Do Messenger Messages Change from “Seen” to “Delivered”?

Facebook Messenger has crossed over a billion mark, which makes it one of the leading instant messaging apps in the world. Surprising? We believe it is not! You might be stuck in a loop flicking through different messaging apps for your convenience in conversations, but know Messenger always takes the cake. The app has been pretty successful ever since its debut, and for all the best reasons.

why does facebook say active now without green dot

Many of us didn’t understand the need for a separate messaging app from Facebook initially. But the popularity of the app has put all these questions to rest. We believe a lot of us today utilize this app more than we scroll our Facebook feeds.

It has plenty of features that have helped keep users on board while earning new users daily. Moreover, all these features are free to use, which is another added perk we simply cannot get enough of.

We are discussing one such thing today to help clear some fog. Have you ever questioned, “why do Messenger messages change from seen to delivered”? Let us find out in this blog today.

Why Do Messenger Messages Change from “Seen” to “Delivered”?

We often send and receive messages on Messenger, so we are aware of the steps a message takes once we compose it. We all become curious about the progress of our communications and like keeping tabs on them.

A text message is composed and sent to a receiver; your message is received and then delivered to the recipient. The message is seen by the message recipient in the final stage.

It is quite clear that the status of our messages on the app remains delivered until the person on the other end interacts with it. Besides, all of the four stages of the messages we just talked about are indicated by different icons, which we should all know about.

You will see an empty circle when your message is being sent to someone. But it quickly changes into a circle with a blue checkmark when the messages are sent.

The message has been delivered when you see a blue circle with a white check mark, which appears next. The recipient’s little profile picture symbol denotes that they have seen or read your messages and is the last on the list. Besides, you can also see a timestamp when the person sees your messages, along with a seen tag.

Anyway, we know the stages clearly now, but we are here to discuss if something reverse happens in those stages. Isn’t that correct? Many users state that the Messenger message change from seen to delivered.

Does it mean somebody saw the messages you sent, and then the icon changes to just delivered? Is it a technical glitch – It might be! But in the other section below, let us look for a more reasonable explanation for this question.

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