When You Block Someone on Messenger Do They See Your Profile Picture?

Messenger is among the first popular social media messaging services online. Like most trends, its peak came and went, but it’s still shining bright as ever. So, it’s normal to wonder how the idea for something like this came up and what dimmed its popularity. Well, the birth of Facebook Messenger is a very obvious story if you think about it. Soon after its launch, Facebook was one of the biggest social media giants the internet had ever seen. It broke record after record, despite having repeated tech issues and data leaks.

Mark Zuckerberg was quick to realize that although it might not be Facebook’s peak yet, it’s still pretty high. He took the opportunity to launch a separate messenger app for the platform, which came to be called Facebook Messenger.

In the beginning, it had an in-built DMs tab similar to Instagram’s, but it was quickly rectified. Even though Messenger didn’t offer much besides a simple messaging service at that time, it was apparently exactly what users wanted because it quickly rose through the ranks.

Today, Messenger has more innovative features than it did back then, but it’s nowhere near the top. The obvious reason for the steep decline in the app’s popularity is the availability of more convenient options on the market. But why? Why did the availability of newer products drive it out when nothing of the sort happened to Facebook?

In fact, Messenger’s biggest competitor is none other than its newest family member, WhatsApp. Although Messenger was great for people to connect, it would always be tied to Facebook. WhatsApp is much more independent, not to mention the numerous features it offers that almost no other service does.

However, Messenger still has a consistently loyal userbase. So, for those who still use it or want to use it, today’s blog will discuss if someone can still see your profile picture on Messenger after being blocked.

When You Block Someone on Messenger Do They See Your Profile Picture?

First things first: will a user still be able to see your profile picture after you block them on Messenger? The answer is no; once a user is blocked, they cannot see anything of yours, including your profile picture and username.

So, clearly, your privacy isn’t something you need to be concerned about on Facebook Messenger. If you’re a new user or haven’t indulged in this feature yet, let us tell you exactly how it works.

How does blocking work on Messenger?

Before we proceed, let us first tell you that blocking on Messenger and Facebook are two very different things. Even if you block someone on Messenger, it’s not the same as cutting them off completely as it would be on Facebook.

To be clear, when you block someone on Messenger, it means they won’t be able to contact you in any way on Messenger only. They won’t be able to message or video/audio call you. Your profile picture, status updates, last seen, online status, and username also won’t be visible to them.

And don’t worry; they won’t be notified when you block or unblock them. But it goes both ways, so when they block/unblock you, you’ll be none-the-wiser.

But they will still be able to see your profile on Facebook and vice versa. They’ll see your posts and your engagement on other posts as well. If you don’t wish for that to happen, you must block them on Facebook, too.

But before you take any action you regret, let us tell you a little about how blocking is perceived.

Socially speaking, blocking someone is the offline equivalent of avoiding someone publicly or putting your hand on their mouth as they speak. Needless to say, it’s considered a bit harsh and should only be resorted to in extreme cases.

For example, blocking shouldn’t be used after an argument with a friend or someone you need to be in close proximity to on a daily basis. This includes classmates, co-workers, and close friends.

Doing this won’t only sour your relationship with them, but you’ll also be perceived as immature from a third person’s perspective. That is unless you’re blocking an online bully or anyone else whose activity affects your mental health or those close to you.

Here’s how to block someone on Messenger

Step 1: Open Messenger mobile app on your smartphone; the Chats page will automatically open.

Step 2: Locate your DMs with them on the Chats page and tap on it.

when you block someone on messenger do they see your profile picture

Step 3: At the top of the page, tap on their name again; this will bring you to the Chat Settings.

when you block someone on messenger do they see your profile picture

Step 4: Scroll to the bottom, locate, and tap on Block. Do the same on the confirmation message that appears, and you’re good to go!

when you block someone on messenger do they see your profile picture

Closing thoughts

At the end of our blog for today, let’s quickly recap what we’ve talked about.

Facebook Messenger is your go-to if you’re one of those users who are attached to Facebook. Don’t worry; it makes perfect sense: most Millennials and even the older Gen Z have grown up with Facebook by their side.

However, if you have indeed formed an alliance with Facebook, it’d be wise to learn the ins and outs of Facebook and Messenger, right? Well, baby steps will get you there, like learning how blocking works on the app and how you can do it too.

That’s exactly what today’s blog discusses: how blocking works on Messenger and how you can block a user on Messenger. If we’ve left out any important pointers, do let us know in the comment section!

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