Hinge Not Sending My Likes? Here’s Why

Sometimes, we look for love in the wrong places, which leads us to dead ends. Why not switch to online dating to shake things up a little? Consider Hinge with an open mind; it’s a top-notch dating site that’s revolutionized the dating landscape. Have you found someone you’re interested in? “Like” their photo and wait for them to do the same! If they return the like, you’re a match. Finding a soulmate on the site is quite simple, but like any app, it has its flaws. Sometimes glitches prevent us from finding a potential match, which is upsetting.

hinge not sending my likes

Picture this: You love someone’s profile and send them a like, only to fail. You realize Hinge is not sending your likes! Now that’s not something you were prepared for, right? 

Let us simplify things for you. You’ll look for reasons why Hinge has stopped sending likes.

We’ll list the reasons for this in the section that follows. Let’s start now.

Hinge Not Sending My Likes? Here’s Why

Nobody likes the feeling of losing a person they’re interested in simply because their app started acting up. We know Hinge not sending any likes when you desperately want to is another kind of pain. However, we promise to give clear reasons so you can find a solution and stop feeling hurt.

Reason 1: The like has not been processed yet

Nowadays, having an app that works quickly and effectively is essential. However, not all of the apps you use operate quickly! While some are quick to load, others do so slowly.

When you like a profile on Hinge, your request is sent to the server that handles it. The entire operation might range from a few minutes to many hours.

You need to be patient since your likes have just not been processed. Even if it is processed, it could take some time for it to show up on other people’s profiles. Try liking someone’s Hinge profile again to test if this issue has been resolved.

Reason 2: There’s an in-app bug

Like any app, Hinge has glitches too! Sometimes, the feature simply won’t work due to some malfunctions. Perhaps, the bugs are responsible for causing this issue on the platform.

Report the issue to Hinge for help or support; they will help you! Let’s guide you through the steps to contact them.

Steps to contact the Hinge support team:

Step 1: To begin, you must visit Hinge Support.

Step 2: There’s a chat icon at the bottom right icon. Go ahead and tap it.

Step 3: Enter Support form and send it.

Step 4: Choose the reason to get in touch with the team directly. You can go with submit a complaint.

Step 5: Select the Other option next.

Step 6: A contact us by Email form will appear on the screen.

Please type in your email address.

Step 7: Next, tap the drop-down menu and choose Other.

Step 8: Type in your first and last names in the respective fields.

Step 9: Enter a subject and briefly discuss the issue you’re facing next.

Step 10: You can Add a file if you want and hit the submit button.

Reason 3: The Hinge server is down

Hinge servers can crash or go down at times, resulting in this “like” issue you’re facing. Now, the app will rarely ever alert users when it crashes, so you’ll usually find it on your own.

You can ask fellow users or check Hinge News on Google for it. Anyway, the best way to address this problem is to wait it out. We’re not here to fix the app’s servers, so please wait until it works properly to use it again.

Reason 4: The person told you they didn’t receive a like

The user may have made a naive error, which brings us to the next significant reason why your likes won’t send. Please ask the person on the other end to properly check the “Likes You” option.

They either use a basic Hinge version that only displays a limited number of likes, or the like is taking some time to reload.

They may not have checked it well when the likes update later. If they’re not using the Hinge+ or HingeX, viewing all the likes is difficult too!

In the end

That’s it, folks; we will wrap up our discussion now! There’s nothing too technical about Hinge not sending your likes!

There are common reasons why anyone on the platform faces such issues. We’ve stated the reasons and included the fixes so you can bypass this glitch easily on the platform. Don’t let a single error spoil your Hinge dating experience; the app is generally simple to use.

Have more Hinge-related questions and doubts? Let’s discuss them in the comments.

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