Is Sending a Rose on Hinge Weird?

Giving someone a rose always makes them flush, and they have long been the symbol of love no matter what flowers come your way. We go for red roses, especially for anything remotely romance-like, right? Guess online dating apps, such as Hinge, have taken inspiration from roses too. Every dating app you’ve ever signed up for has different features that earn them the top spot in your hearts. Hinge users are especially interested in sending roses to their potential matches!

is sending a rose on hinge weird

Sending roses on Hinge is a telltale sign that you’re especially interested in that person! They are a superior variant of the likes you send, and they put you at the top of the recipient’s likes list.

Now, sending roses is an expensive affair, quite literally! Hinge gives you one each week; if you want more, you must purchase them.

Many users are enthralled with the idea of sending roses, but it’s a bold move after all! Many of us start to second-guess whether sending one comes across as intrusive or weird! That leads us to one frequently asked question – Is sending a rose on Hinge weird?

We know that you’re struggling, so please calm down—we’ll explain everything in today’s blog!

Is Sending a Rose on Hinge Weird?

Many consider sending roses cringe and weird, but it works just like any other super like would. You know that feeling of scrolling tirelessly in search of that perfect profile, and you finally find them.

Of course, you’d never want to let them go, and at the same time, you want to stand out from other likes and comments! Roses give you that power, and you’re announcing your presence in a loud and clear way.

Let’s properly address your question, “Sending a rose on Hinge is NOT weird! Think of it this way: do you honestly believe that this feature would still be available on the app if users didn’t enjoy it?

Hinge is a dating app; people know what they’ve signed up for! It’s normal to get roses or likes, so if someone thinks they’re weird to give out roses, well, most of your matches will be too generic.

You send a like to someone; they probably return the favor, and voila, you’re a match. But do you genuinely think you’re the only person your potential match initially talks to? Absolutely not.

Likes are general, but sending them a rose is the best way to stay in someone’s thoughts.  You must, of course, learn how to use it appropriately. You can’t just start flinging it at every profile you come across in some type of parade; it is absolutely bizarre.

Some users get uncomfortable with the idea of sending roses and hence don’t use the feature. So, if you randomly distribute it to people, they may find it cringe.

Doing such things make you look desperate, demanding, overbearing, and WEIRD. Roses are meaningful, so make it count when you decide to send one.

You must know there’s no way you can unsend roses; the only way to get out of the situation is to unmatch the user. So, don’t get overly excited, and send one with care!

Also, if you don’t want to come across as weird, perfect your profile before sending them. It is a valuable feature, so a weak profile doesn’t do it for many!

It’s more likely that you’ll have to be the conversation starter. So, have some good lines and questions ready; otherwise, you might make this awkward. Be confident when you send one, and you’ll never encounter a weird moment later.

How to send roses on Hinge?

Sending roses is simple, so be clever and make it meaningful. Do you know how to send roses on Hinge? If not, keep reading because we’ll explain how to send one!

Note we’ll discuss sending roses via the Discover feed and Standouts! Check both of them and see which step you will go ahead with moving forward.

Send a rose in Discover

Steps to send roses on from Discover feed:

Step 1: Open Hinge and go to the person’s profile.

Step 2: Do you see a red heart on the person’s photo? Tap it.

Step 3: You have to add comments if you’re really interested or skip this step.

Step 4: Click the rose icon.

Send a rose in Standouts

Steps to send roses on Standouts:

Step 1: Open Hinge and hit the star icon. The star is present at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Go to the Rose icon in a photo or prompt response!

Step 3: Add comments to make it more personalized, and click the send rose button.

Wrapping it up

Hinge gives us endless options to find our soulmate. You’ve different ways to convey your feelings to a special someone when you come across them. When you stumble upon a profile that makes your heart skip a bit, try to express it to them. Of course, sending them a rose is a beautiful gesture.

Never be afraid to send one if your intentions are clear. We hope you’ve understood our explanations! Good luck finding that perfect match, fellow Hinge user!

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