How to See Recently Watched Reels on Facebook

Reels entered Facebook roughly a year after being launched on Instagram. The concept of creating a multi-clip video was already picking up the pace on the visual-centric platform by that time, which is why adding the feature to Facebook was a logical decision at Meta. After all, Facebook does dominate the social media space in terms of its magnanimous user base. If any trend is trending on a different platform, it has to be a hit here as well.

see recently watched reels on facebook

It’s been less than two years for reels to have come on Facebook, and it’s already turning all heads. We’re not making any random assumptions here; just talking stats.

In this blog, we’re going to talk about one such action – finding a reel you recently watched.

Stick with us till the end to know all about it.

How to See Recently Watched Reels on Facebook?

Without much further ado, we’ll get straight to the point: you’re wondering how to find a reel you had recently watched on the platform, right?

Don’t worry; you’re not alone in this pursuit; many of us have a tendency to scroll through reels for hours and are bound to find some interesting ones in the process. The real question is, is there a way to go back to that one reel somehow?

Does Facebook keep a log of all the reels we’ve watched recently somewhere on the platform for us to access? Unfortunately, it doesn’t. This is a common problem that occurs on this platform – as well as on Instagram.

In order to be able to go back to a reel you had recently watched, you’ll need to fulfill one of these two conditions:

1. If you’ve liked that reel

2. If you’ve saved that reel

Having done neither, you have no choice but to hope that it turns up on your Reels section again somehow – that is a real possibility too!

To prevent such a mishap from happening in the future, you should try to at least like a reel you think you might want to see again, if not save it. It just takes a second, doesn’t it?

Finding saved and liked reels on Facebook: A step-by-step guide

Now that we’ve already discussed the conditions for being able to find a reel that you recently watched, allow us to show you the process of how it’s done.

The step-by-step guide below is dedicated to doing the same. Take a look:

Step 1: Launch the Facebook mobile app on your smartphone.

From the Home tab, where you first land, navigate to the bottom-most bar of your screen.

You’ll find six icons arranged on it horizontally. The one at the right-most corner, with a hamburger icon drawn on it, is of Menu. Select it.

see recently watched reels on facebook

Step 2: As soon as you do, you’ll be taken to your All Shortcuts tab.

Find the Reels slab here – with a yellow-orange video icon drawn on it – and give it a tap.

see recently watched reels on facebook

Step 3: Doing so will take you to your Reels section, with the first reel playing on your screen.

Can you spot a small thumbnail of your profile picture displayed in the top right corner here? You need to tap on it next.

see recently watched reels on facebook

Step 4: The next tab you’re taken to will have XYZ’s Reels written on top (XYZ denoting your Facebook username).

Step 5: Right below your name and profile picture thumbnail here, you’ll find a grey button with View saved mentioned on it.

see recently watched reels on facebook

Tapping on this button will take you to all your saved reels.

see recently watched reels on facebook

On the other hand, if you didn’t save this reel but happened to like it, check below the View saved button; there will be two tabs displayed:

My reels

Liked reels

You can find what you’re looking for in the latter section.

see recently watched reels on facebook

We hope you found that precious reel you thought you had lost forever.

How to find the reel audios you saved on Facebook?

If you were paying attention to the process we mentioned above, you’d have noticed how there’s a separate tab for Saved audio to be found right next to Saved reels.

However, some users have complained about not being able to find their saved reel audio in that location. If you’re one of them and are struggling to access those extraordinary audios to make your next reel, we’re here to help.

As it so happens, Facebook has provided users with an alternative path to seeing their saved reel audios as well.

The step-by-step guide that follows will guide you to its destination. Check it out!

Step 1: Launch the Facebook mobile app on your device.

As it opens, you’ll be taken to the Home tab first. Can you see the What’s on your mind? section on top of this bar?

It must have a thumbnail of your profile picture on the left corner. Give it a tap to go to your Profile.

Step 2: Once you’re on the Profile tab, find the grey Edit profile button with a pencil icon drawn next to it.

Towards its left is a blue + Add to Story button, while on its right is an ellipsis icon (three dots placed horizontally).

Tap the one on the right.

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