How to Delete Messages on Snapchat That Are Failed to Send

Did you know that most Snapchat users range between the ages of 13 to 26? This implies most users on the platforms are young teenagers who’re just there to connect with their friends and family. This is the reason why Snapchat is extra careful with its users’ privacy. Unless users install a third-party tool or extension strictly against Snapchat’s privacy policy, their data is completely safe. You might think that since these kids aren’t doing anything wrong or inappropriate, why does their data need such security?

delete messages on snapchat that are failed to send

The answer is that it’s not about the data itself but the principle behind insecure data. If a platform known for its media-based communication cannot keep the said media safe, what does it say about its reliability?

Besides the privacy and security of the users’ data, Snapchat has also paid special attention to the users’ experience on the platform. There are numerous features like reporting, blocking, and removing if someone on Snapchat is being pushy, inappropriate, or just giving off a bad vibe. It’s important that the young people on Snapchat are completely secure from the threat of harassment.

So, if you’ve wanted to give Snapchat a try for some time now, or if you’re a parent wondering if your child should be using Snapchat, this is a sign. Not only is it completely secure, but several fun features and functions are specially designed with the current teen trends in mind.

For example, one of the best features on the platform that no one talks about is the bitmoji feature. It’s similar to how avatars work in video games, except bitmojis are a literal copy of you! Over the years, Snapchat has continually added more and more variety in hairstyles, body types, and of course, clothes to ensure that everyone can re-create their truest selves.

Some crazy modifications for bitmojis are hearing aids, earrings for girls, and even wheelchairs! There are clothes from luxury brands like Air Jordan, Adidas, Converse, Nike, Crocs, Levi’s, American Eagle, Off White, Vans, and Ralph Lauren. Several outfits from NBA, NFL, and NHL are also available. Lastly, there’s a variety of options in maternity fashion, too! How cool is that?

Besides all these brands, Bitmoji Fashion consists of non-branded, casual clothes we wear. These are frequently updated with the latest in Gen Z fashion and pop culture.

Of course, the platform’s main feature snaps, one of the most creative features among all social media networks today. You can add snaps to your stories and mention your friends in those stories, too!

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how to delete messages on Snapchat which have failed to reach the receiver.

How to Delete Messages on Snapchat That Are Failed to Send

Sometimes, a message on Snapchat takes longer than usual to reach your friend or even fails to send. Don’t worry; it’s a small hitch and can easily be fixed. All you need to do is retry sending the message or restart the smartphone app or your device. If that doesn’t work, switch up your internet connection.

However, what if you want to delete that message before it reaches the receiver?

Let’s consider one more relevant scenario: you found one of your oldest friends on Snapchat, but you don’t talk to them anymore. However, seeing them again made you put things in perspective, and now you want to connect with them and discover how they’ve been.

Snapchat is a very secure platform, especially in terms of user experience. By default, all users can only receive messages from the users they are friends with. All snaps and chats a non-friend user sends will remain pending until they’ve added you back as a friend on Snapchat.

Let’s say you sent them hundreds of messages in frustration when you realized they weren’t receiving them. However, what if they accept your request in the future? Maybe they just haven’t used Snapchat in a while or didn’t pay attention to the friend requests. What will you do then?

Deleting a message from chat will now delete it from both the sender and the receiver’s servers, even if the receiver has already seen it. Therefore, simply deleting the message can help you if you’re in either one of the situations discussed above or a similar one.

If they have an older version of Snapchat, this might not work. However, you shouldn’t worry about this because most users update smartphone apps regularly, especially social media apps.

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