Can Someone See Your Phone Number on Snapchat?

Snapchat is a multimedia platform that allows you to share photos and videos with your friends and family. You can add various effects and filters to make your photos and videos even more aesthetic. The platform even provides AR (Augmented Reality) effects to add animations and backgrounds to your media. One of the key defining features of Snapchat is its streak. A streak is basically when you share daily snaps with someone on the platform.

can someone see your phone number on snapchat

You and the other person need to send at least one snap within 24 hours of your last snap to keep the streak going; in case you or the other person fails to do that, you will need to start afresh.

Snapchat streaks really make you addicted to the platform, as you need to use the platform daily to keep them going. Other than that, it is well known that Snapchat uses disappearing messages; your chat with someone self-deletes 24 hours after viewing.

Snapchat has revolutionized the social media world, and more and more people use it every day. People add their friends and known people to their Snapchat friend lists. There are several ways one can add friends on Snapchat.

One way to add someone to your friend list on Snapchat is certainly through one’s contact information. If you create an account on Snapchat, it will invariably ask for your contact information– this includes your phone number and email address.

So, you might be concerned whether someone can see your phone number on Snapchat, especially if you do not want to share that information online. Well, do not worry because, in this blog, we are going to clarify all your doubts and queries about the same.

Let’s get started!

Can Someone See Your Phone Number on Snapchat?

You cannot create a profile on Snapchat without entering your contact information. When you enter this information while creating a profile on the platform, you might worry if this information will be visible to everyone after.

There is also a feature to add friends on Snapchat through your contact lists. So, are they able to see your phone number on the platform? Well, to come straight to the point- the answer is No. People on Snapchat cannot see your phone number when you use the platform.

It doesn’t matter if they are added to your friend list or not; the default setting on Snapchat is that no one can see your phone number except yourself. It will be kept safe and hidden unless you share your number directly with other users.

You can decide to add your phone number manually as a part of your profile. Even then, only your added friends on the platform will be able to see it. Snapchat highly respects the privacy of its users, and the only reason it even collects your contact information is for account verification and recovery purposes.

You might wonder, then, how people add one another on Snapchat using their contacts if Snapchat doesn’t display that information on their profiles. Well, Snapchat allows you to sync your contacts on the platform.

When you sync your contact list with Snapchat, all the people in the list will be scanned to see if they have accounts on the platform. If yes, they will be suggested to you to add to your friend list based on that.

There are several other ways people can add you on Snapchat. Let’s learn about them in the following section.

How to add people as your friends on Snapchat?

There are many different ways to add people to your friend list on Snapchat other than by syncing your contacts on the platform. Let’s learn them one by one in this section.

Searching for their username

One of the most basic ways to add people on Snapchat is by good-old searching for their usernames. You can do this by asking the person for their Snapchat username and searching for it in the search people section.

Once you get their profile, you can send them a request to be friends on the platform.

Using Snapcode

Another way to add people conveniently on Snapchat is through a user’s snapcode. You can ask a user for their snapcode; you can either scan it by pointing the camera at a snapcode or if you have it saved on your device, you can scan it by accessing your gallery.

Using “Add Nearby” feature

Next, if you and the other person are in close proximity, you can add them to your friend list using the Add Nearby feature on Snapchat.

You can do this by going to your Snapchat application and tapping the Add Friends option. This will display a menu where you can choose Add Nearby to add your friends. Your friend must also have the feature enabled and should be on the same screen.

You will be displayed with a list of people who are nearby, and you can then click on your friend’s username to add them to your list.

Quick Add

As we already discussed, this section will suggest friends for you to add to your list on Snapchat. These will be either mutual friends or friends who are in your contacts.

You can access this section by going to the Add Friends section on your Snapchat application; then click on Quick Add.

You will be displayed with a list of several people you could add to your list; you can then select people you want to be friends with on the platform.

There you go! These are some simple ways through which you can add people to your friend list on Snapchat. None of these methods will ever display your contact information to other users– known or unknown. So you can relax and add people as you want.

Wrapping it up

That brings us to the end of this blog. Let’s go through everything we have learned today to wrap it up. We began our discussion by talking about the various features of Snapchat and its privacy settings.

We learned whether Snapchat displays our phone number to other users on the platform, the answer to which is No; Snapchat doesn’t share your contact information with other people unless you choose to share it directly with them.

We then explored various ways by which people can add you as friends on the platform, and vice versa. With this, we hope we were able to resolve all your doubts and queries about the privacy of your contact information on Snapchat.

If you have any more doubts about the same, you can always drop them in the comments below. We will address them in our upcoming blogs, as always!

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