Can I Delete Missed Calls on Whatsapp on Someone’s Phone

WhatsApp is the largest messaging service platform today, with more than two billion users worldwide. If you’re in a public place like a market or a restaurant, we assure you that everyone you see has a smartphone with WhatsApp installed. How utterly unbelievable does that sound? At first glance, you won’t understand why WhatsApp is so hyped. Users from all age groups seem to like using the platform equally, without bias.

can i delete missed calls on whatsapp on someone's phone

There’s no competition for WhatsApp in the market; all Telegram users know deep down that Telegram cannot give that level of simplicity and efficiency. So, why is that? If you haven’t signed up on WhatsApp yet, we’ll definitely convince you to do so today.

The features on WhatsApp are unlike any other social media platform. In fact, the platform’s quick response to customer feedback is one of the reasons why people like using WhatsApp.

You can video call and audio call whoever you want and whenever you want from around the world, as long as both of you have a stable internet connection. How amazing is that? You can also host conference video or audio calls and add your friends via links or direct addition.

Moving on, you can add Status updates on your WhatsApp account. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, WhatsApp updates are pictures/videos that you can add on WhatsApp for only 24 hours. After that, they’ll disappear automatically. You can also see other users’ statuses.

Next up is the read receipts feature. It’s a much-debated feature, and people often argue if it’s necessary to have such a feature on a platform. However, that’s not how WhatsApp works.

Since users disagreed about its utility, WhatsApp made the feature optional. Read receipts indicate whether or not the other person has seen the messages you sent them. While it sounds like a pretty convenient feature, some users claim it’s an invasion of privacy.

So, users can now turn off their read receipts. However, those users also won’t be able to see whether or not others have seen their messages. Sounds pretty fair, don’t you think?

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss whether you can delete missed calls on WhatsApp on somebody else’s phone. Read on until this blog’s end to learn all there is to know about it!

Can I Delete Missed Calls on Whatsapp on Someone’s Phone?

WhatsApp is a large social media site that respects your privacy and user experience above all else. In fact, when Facebook acquired WhatsApp, the platform’s founders stressed these two conditions above all else: end-to-end encryption and no ads.

While you might think this is the most normal thing to do, you’ll be surprised at how little most social media platforms care about that! You must’ve noticed ads on all smartphone social media apps, right?

Obviously, those ads are personalized to fit your needs and interests, so your online data is analyzed to determine the ads’ maximum efficiency on you.

Anyhow, privacy is one of the most important factors on WhatsApp. So, to answer your initial question, there is no way for you to delete missed calls on WhatsApp on somebody else’s phone.

We understand that you might think so because you can unsend a message on WhatsApp for both of you, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

If you call someone and hang up on WhatsApp, will they know?

This might be another question on your mind. However, we’re sorry to say that they will find out if you call them, no matter how long it rings.

There’s a slight chance they might not be notified if you hang up before the call status changes from Calling to Ringing. However, as we said, there’s absolutely no certainty of working. It depends on your internet connections, smartphone functionality, and other uncontrollable factors.

Here’s how to turn off read receipts on WhatsApp

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp on your smartphone.

Step 2: The first screen you’ll land on is the WhatsApp Chats page. You’ll see the three dots icon at the top right side of that page. Tap on it.

can i delete missed calls on whatsapp on someone's phone

Step 3: A drop-down menu will appear with several actionable options. Tap on the last option on that list called Settings.

can i delete missed calls on whatsapp on someone's phone

Step 4: On the Settings page, locate Privacy and tap on it.

can i delete missed calls on whatsapp on someone's phone

Step 5: In Privacy, scroll down to find the option called Read receipts with a toggle button right next to it. By default, it is turned on. Turn it off, and you’re good to go.

can i delete missed calls on whatsapp on someone's phone

In the end

As we end this blog, let’s recap all we’ve discussed today.

WhatsApp is a large social media platform that values its users’ privacy and security above all else. There’s no option on WhatsApp which can allow you to delete missed calls from someone else’s device.

Moreover, if you call someone on WhatsApp, they’ll definitely be notified about it. Even if you call them for only two to three seconds, they can see it.

If you wish to learn how to turn off read receipts on WhatsApp, we’ve got you! However, you can’t turn off read receipts for only one user. Follow our step-by-step guide for a quick and easy process!

If our blog has helped you, don’t forget to tell us all about it in the comments below!

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