AirPods Connecting While in Case? Here’s The Fix

A magical connection to your devices. That’s what Apple claims about its AirPods. AirPods are undoubtedly the most popular earphones worldwide. And there’s a good set of reasons why people are crazy about owning AirPods. If you have them, you know what sets them apart.

airpods connecting while in case

In addition to the fact that they come from Apple- the gold standard of smart devices- the AirPods offer seamless connectivity and deep integration with all Apple devices, some great out-of-the-box features, long listening hours, and of course, excellent audio quality.

With all of these amazing features, Apple AirPods are really like a magical connection to your devices. However, you don’t expect them to connect magically while they are closed in their charging case, do you? So, when the AirPods connect automatically from within the case, you know it’s a problem.

AirPods that connect while in the case can be pretty irritating. And it’s not just the AirPods pop-up that appears erratically now and then. This issue can also drain the AirPods battery quite quickly. If you’ve been experiencing this issue for a while, it’s time to take action. Any one of the several reasons can cause this unwanted connectivity issue. And, if you read this blog till the end, you will most likely be able to rid your AirPods of this hassle. So, let’s start.

AirPods Connecting While in Case? Here’s The Fix

It’s easier to solve a problem once and for all if you know what’s causing it. And, since we have already talked about the causes, we can now move on to the fixes. Each of these fixes is quite easy to accomplish and won’t take much of your time. So, without wasting time, let’s get into the solutions.

Start it all over with a hard reset

This is one of the most common and effective methods that can solve most of the problems related to any kind of malfunctioning. A hard reset of the AirPods resets the AirPods to factory settings and gives them a fresh start.

AirPods disconnect as soon as they are put in their case. However, that might not happen if your AirPods sensors are not working properly due to a glitch in the connection settings. And this might be preventing the pods from connecting with the case properly. Resetting the pods might help solve this problem.

Resetting your Apple AirPods is quite easy. Whether you have the first, second, or third-generation AirPods, the process is quite similar for each of them.

Follow the steps mentioned below to hard-reset your AirPods:

Step 1: Bring your AirPods close to your phone and open the case. You will see the pop-up on your phone displaying the AirPods and the case’s battery percentages. This is the connected state.

Step 2: Keeping the case open, press and hold the small circular button at the back of your case. You will see that the light at the front starts blinking (if you have 1st Generation AirPods, the light indicator will be located at the inside of the case instead of the front).

Keep the button pressed for about fifteen seconds until the light blinks orange-red. This orange light indicates that the reset is complete.

Step 3: Close the case and open it again to connect it to your device. You would be able to connect them just like new AirPods.

If the problem is due to a minor settings glitch, it would most likely be solved with this reset. If it doesn’t work, you’d better move on to the next section.

Cleanliness is the key

We are not going to give any lessons on cleanliness, only what is essential to stop your AirPods from connecting unnecessarily from their closed case. AirPods are quite useful, and we like to use them daily for a variety of purposes.

We like using them for hours on end but don’t pay much attention to taking good care of them. And this might be the reason why your AirPods are connecting from the closed case.

You can try cleaning the sensors of the AirPods to clean any earwax or dust that might have accumulated over time with continuous use.

Not just the pods, it’s equally important to clean the inside of your charging case, as this is where your AirPods connect with the case. If the case has dust accumulated within, your AirPods might not connect with the case the way they should, which can easily cause the problem you are facing.

In addition to that, the charging of the pods might also get affected due to poor contact.

One way to clean your AirPods and their case is using a soft, lint-free cloth or a cotton swab. You can also use dental floss to clean the accumulated dust or earwax but do it carefully to avoid damage. You can use cotton swabs for the case too.

Could something be wrong with your AirPod case?

If neither of the two methods works for you, maybe it’s time to check your case. The case is responsible for charging your AirPods. Is it alright? Is the case closing properly? Is it the original case? If you had recently changed your case and bought a new one from an unauthorized store, the chances are that your case is fake and not the original product from Apple.

If your case is original, there still might be some malfunctioning that might arise due to various reasons. And if that’s the case, there is not much you can do without expert help. 

If you think your case is fake, it’s best to replace it with an original one. If your case is original, the best you can do is take the AirPods and the case to a registered Apple Service Centre. They will fix the problem or exchange your AirPods and case with a new set.

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