How to Find Who Made Fake Instagram Account

Do you remember the random message on your Instagram inbox? Some people offer us jobs for which we never attended an interview, or we even receive texts like “hi” or “hey” constantly from complete strangers even though we never reply to them. This scenario proves us social media possesses both positive and toxic sets of audiences. Don’t you agree? The undeniable fact is that even if we enjoy the perks of social media, accepting and experiencing the cons is also a part of the journey. This fact drives the discussion about fake accounts.

find out who made fake instagram account

We see fake accounts on almost every social media platform. Sometimes, we can easily guess which is a fake account, and sometimes we just can’t. Few fake accounts dress up like an original account that we couldn’t even sense. In such a situation, the question that wanders in our minds is, “How did they find my account?” You might even wonder if someone you know is creating a fake account to spy on you or trick you? And there comes the search of finding who is behind this fake account. 

So, as you know earlier, in this blog, we are precisely going to answer how to find out who made a fake Instagram account. Even though fake accounts are standard on all social media platforms, we will focus on fake accounts on Instagram in today’s blog. As most netizens face this issue, it is time to dig into a solution finally. The blog will kickstart with the question if it is possible to find who made a fake account on Instagram. Then we will proceed to uncover the solution for the query. Let’s get started.

How to Find Who Made Fake Instagram Account

Now in this section, we will suggest to you the best tools available to help you find the person hiding behind the fake account. Using these tools is straightforward and pretty much the same procedure.

Additionally, the good news is below mentioned two tools are free, and you need not pay any penny to get the information about the account holder. You should, however, know the email address or username of the person you have doubts about, i.e., the person you suspect created the account. With that being said, let’s go.  

1. Lullar

Our first suggestion is Lullar, which you can use to find the other social handles of a fake account. Lullar is a free tool that gives you information about the social handles connected to an email. We get it. You might be wondering what’s there to do with the other social handles. Now step back and see the bigger picture. Let us say you have the email address which is linked to a fake Instagram account. 

Now, when you run that email through the tool, it will fetch you all the accounts that are linked to this email account. The owner of the fake account might have linked the same email with their main account. Or he/she might have linked the same email for the fake Instagram account and the primary account on Facebook. In that case, if you’re using the tool, you can cross-check and find the fake account’s owner. 

With that being said, if you want to use Lullar, head to and enter your email ID or the person’s name in the search bar. Then hit search; you will get the link of all social media handles that are linked with the email address. You can view all the profiles and find out who is behind the fake account.

2. Social Searcher

The social searcher is a social media search engine where you have to type in just the username, and the software will process it. Once done, you will get the list of people who have a similar username and their details from different socials. However, this tool only lets you know if the person is on any other social platform.

It is to be noted if someone has a fake account, they probably might not create the same fake account on different platforms as well. Hence, if you find the account on different socials, chances are there, it might not be a fake account. As said earlier, using this tool is a very straightforward process.

Go to, and in the search bar, pick the category users to enter in the username. Now the tool will go through all the socials like Instagram, LinkedIn, Vimeo, and Facebook to present the close results as a report to you.

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