Will Someone Know If You Watch Their Live on Facebook Without Being Friends?

Nowadays, almost everyone is active on Facebook. The platform gained utmost popularity after Zuckerberg made it accessible to anyone aged thirteen years and above. Thus, it has become the largest social network for networking and communication. What can be more fascinating than getting in touch with your old buddies? If you use Facebook frequently, you might already be familiar with the various kinds of content. From posting status updates to sending messages to friends, family, and acquaintances, Facebook lets us stay connected globally.

will someone know if you watch their live on facebook without being friends

It is a golden opportunity to explore different events on Facebook and incorporate fun elements into your life. Some of us are perhaps guilty of scrolling through our News Feed right after opening our eyes! Facebook always intrigues and entertains its users with a plethora of options to like, love, and share their favorite post(s).

Everyone prefers live content in today’s era. Since 2016, live-streaming videos is what grabs the interest of the audience. It is especially useful if you broadcast your content through stories, posts, comments, and featured links. Live shopping is a remarkable option if you are curious about assorted products and their new features.

It is remarkable how today’s influencers are harnessing the power of live videos to build meaningful relationships with us. As a viewer, you are not the only one who wants to be a component of this participation in real time. Fans who interact and engage most have a scope to earn badges.

One way of scoring badges is by tuning into the videos every time they are Live. You can also send several Stars to earn the most badges.

According to a study, one in every five Facebook videos goes Live every hour. In this blog, we will discuss if you can access live videos even without being friends on Facebook.

Will Someone Know If You Watch Their Live on Facebook Without Being Friends?

Now, you are wondering if you can watch Facebook live videos without being friends with your favorite personality, right? After all, several broadcasters connect with the audience on significant occasions through live-streaming.

While Facebook Live allows users to share experiences with fans and followers, many question the service regarding its privacy and anonymity. One of the main queries is whether someone will know if you watched their Live on Facebook without being friends.

Well, it depends on the privacy settings. If it is set to view for the public, the answer is YES. In other words, the broadcaster will find out who watched their video during the live streaming.

If this is something that poses a problem for a broadcaster, there’s another alternative for them. The platform also provides the option to change the privacy settings to limit the visibility of the Live to FRIENDS ONLY.

Once you enable this setting, you will be able to watch the live stream only if you are friends with them on the platform. Similarly, locked profiles do not usually allow people outside the friend list to view the Live.

Big-shot names in the industry may prefer to make their videos accessible to the masses. There are different ways in which privacy works for live streaming on this platform. Facebook allows everyone to alter the privacy of their event settings, live videos, and distribution.

The Audience Selector option always comes in handy to control who sees the content. Users can customize their audience settings to hide their live videos in specific locations. You can also restrict the viewership to a particular age group. However, this feature is available to people who have professional profiles or Pages.

Often, our favorite personalities let us chat in their Live videos. You can participate in the Live chat if the settings are Default. It is noteworthy that comments above 100 characters are only displayed in the chat.

Facebook helps users see the list of their friends who are watching the show at the moment. It notifies us if someone in our friend list has joined our live streaming while we are broadcasting. In this case, the respective broadcaster will not receive notifications if you have joined their Live after they stop streaming.

Broadcasters can find out who watched their Live (friends or not) if the viewer has reacted to the video or interacted through comments. Facebook stores their reactions and comments even after the Live so that people can figure out their viewers. Interestingly, it also enables them to see the total audience of their Live.

In Summary

Facebook is one of the most influential social media sites to grace the Internet. It holds enormous power to reach the audience, which is magnified by its live-streaming service.

Let us revisit everything we have learned above. Our first point was whether you can watch live videos on Facebook even if you are not there in someone’s friend list. Next, we talked about how one can change the Live settings to suit their audience.

We hope you have found what you were looking for and you can now better navigate Facebook Live privacy concerns. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you face further issues. If this blog has helped you clear your doubts, let us know in the comments below!

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