Does Facebook Suggest Friends Who Look at Your Profile?

There used to be a time when being social just meant going out, meeting new people and making friends in person. Increasingly, our idea of socializing has evolved from in-person meets to inculcate virtual meetups. Many of us now make friends online seamlessly and have conversations over the web. Facebook is a crucial hub where people, young and adults alike, gather to form a community and a network. We post on the platform about our lives, share pictures and stories, make friends and chat with different people.

does facebook suggest friends who look at your profile

And not only that, Facebook also keeps finding ways to encourage us to network with new people and grow our community more. It keeps suggesting new pages to follow, and new friends to make and connect with.

In this blog, we will answer all your queries about Facebook friend suggestions. We’ll also explore everything from what they mean to how to hide your profile from being suggested to other people. Let’s get going!

Does Facebook Suggest Friends Who Look at Your Profile?

It is common for people to check out other people’s profiles on social media platforms like Facebook. All of us have  done it at some point, haven’t we? Sometimes we’re searching for a particular someone, and sometimes it’s just by chance or out of curiosity. 

Taking the particular case of Facebook, we also get a ton of suggestions in return – be it people, pages, or groups. Ever wonder what’s the algorithm behind these suggestions?

When Facebook – and let’s talk about people in particular – suggests a specific profile, how does it make that choice? Have these people viewed our profile? Have they searched for our username on the platform? Or are there other factors that determine it?

The friends suggestions on Facebook come under the section People you may know. There are several metrics that go behind this section using which the platform recommends friends to you.

To answer the question at hand, though, Facebook clearly outlines that it doesn’t show friend suggestions based on who views your profile. So, if you’re getting random suggestions on the platform, you don’t have to worry about them being your stalkers.

To maintain clarity and transparency with its users, Facebook has already defined the metrics which decide what comes under each user’s People you may know section. What are those metrics? Let’s find out in the next section!

Friend suggestions on Facebook: What do they mean?

As we’ve already established, Facebook is all about networking and building a community for yourself. The platform enables this by suggesting various people you might want to be friends with. Let’s try and uncover the metrics in play to make these decisions.

For the most part, the friends suggestions on Facebook appear with respect to the following metrics:

Common Friends

Having common friends with someone, also known as Friends of Friends. This is a common suggestion that users get, and you can identify it if you see mutual friends with the suggested friends.

Common interests

Another criteria that Facebook uses is your profile information. Trust us, your profile plays a huge part in it. Facebook analyzes things like your education, occupation, interests etc., and suggests people with similar details to you.

Mutual tagging and other activities

Next, Facebook suggests you friends based on your activity. If you’ve been tagged in a common post with somebody, or if you comment on the same post(s), Facebook is likely to recommend them to you.

Phonebook-synced contacts

Last but not the least, if you upload your contacts on Facebook or Messenger, Facebook is likely to suggest the Facebook users from your phonebook to you.

These are the criteria Facebook uses to suggest you friends. Now you don’t have to wonder if the friend suggestion you received is a creepy stalker visiting your profile randomly.

Facebook would never do that; if it has suggested you their profile, it has to be for much better reasons than that.

How to hide your profile from turning up in the Facebook Friend Suggestions?

We just established how Facebook recommends other people’s profiles to us. That just means, naturally, our profile is recommended to other people on the platform as well.

Now, we can understand how some users wouldn’t like that. If you too, do not want to turn up in the Facebook friend suggestions, keep reading to learn how to hide your profile from the section.

Now, get this: Facebook doesn’t have an option that you can just select and remove yourself from other people’s suggestions entirely.

However, what you can do is appear in that section as rarely as possible. For this, you’ll need to revamp your privacy settings a little. Let’s explore how!

Choose How people can find you on Facebook:

Choose how people can find you on Facebook. You can go to your Privacy settings and select How people can find you and contact you.

Here you can restrict people from looking you up via your email, phone number, as well as prevent any search engines from linking to your profile.

You can also choose who can send you friend requests. Select this option and choose Friends of Friends. This will restrict people who are not friends of your friends from adding you to their friend list;

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