How to Join Facebook Group in Which I’m Blocked

Social media platforms are the real trendsetters when it comes to changing our online communication patterns. Talking to someone who lives merely a few miles away seemed like a fantasy, but thanks to modern technology, you can quickly reconnect with old friends. It is safe to claim that they have successfully closed the communication gap. The social media sector today offers a variety of social media platforms. Facebook is one of the market leaders that has grown significantly every year.

join facebook group in which i'm blocked

This social media app can be used on a mobile device and a web browser. The app has crossed the 2 billion mark for monthly active users on the platform.

Users can greatly benefit if they use the application wisely. This user-friendly platform has attracted the attention of marketers as well. We say this because Facebook has become one of the best platforms for interacting directly with the demographic that your business is trying to reach.

Furthermore, this app provides a lot more than just chatting and branding. Sometimes all we crave is a little source of joy at the end of the day. And the app provides plenty of memes and updates from our friends and family to tired individuals like us.

We enjoy a number of the things that the app offers to its users. It constantly adds new features, such as calling, live streaming, royalty-free music, stories, and chat.

We will focus on one particular feature today, which is the ability to create a Facebook group. We can either create our own Facebook groups or join existing ones to locate others who share our passions.

But do you think you can join group in which you are blocked? Let us see how to join a Facebook group in which you have been blocked in this blog today.

How to Join Facebook Group in Which I’m Blocked

Facebook groups are where like-minds come together, and ideas evolve. They have the same passion; therefore, they organize events and spread relevant details about them. However, administrators of Facebook groups can occasionally remove you for posting anything they deem irrelevant or if they feel your behavior is inappropriate.

Although there are certainly legitimate reasons why you should be barred, other people are blocked for no apparent reason. Have you had this sort of experience?

Do you try to share anything with your favorite Facebook group but are unable to do so? You deduce that you have been blocked because you asked other group members, and they are still very much a part of that group.

You want to rejoin the group since you don’t understand why you were so cruelly dismissed. The scenario is definitely unfair, especially if you believe the action was totally pointless. But the Facebook group was really close to your interest, and you wish to get it back no matter what.

So, you wonder, “How do you join a group in which I’m blocked?” We will discuss this now, so let us get to the point.

According to the Facebook Help center: Banned members won’t be able to find the group in search or see any of its content, and they can’t be invited to the group again by the members.

The statement is very explicit about the consequences of being blocked by a Facebook group. However, there are a few workarounds available to join groups where you are blocked.

Trick #1: Request the admin to unblock you

This approach can be the most effective technique to rejoin the Facebook group where you have been blocked. They block you for reasons that either you or the group administrator are at least aware of.

Send them a direct message if you are friends with them on Facebook. Ask them to accept you after you apologize if you were at fault, and make a promise not to repeat it. Keep in mind that they’ll block you again quickly and that unruly behavior won’t be tolerated once again.

Kindly address the situation with civility and show some patience if you were in the wrong. If there was only a misunderstanding, you might resolve it with them.

Give the administrator some time to unblock you, after which you can rejoin the group. You’ll have to come up with another solution to make this work if the admin completely ghosts you. Check out our other recommendation below.

Trick #2: Join from a different Facebook account

You can always open a second Facebook account to rejoin a group if you were blocked from one. You can view the group activities if it is open to the public. However, you must ask to join if it is private and visible.

You can join the group using a friend’s or sibling’s account if you don’t want a second account. You rejoin the group after your request has been accepted.

Note that this strategy will not succeed if the group is kept hidden and private. You won’t be able to search for it, and you won’t be able to join these groups.

You can use the group’s members in such a situation. You should go ahead and ask them to keep you informed about the activities if you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of opening a new account. This will allow you to be informed of internal events without officially being a member of the group.

In the end

Let us see what topics we have learned today as we have reached the end of the discussion. The topic of our conversation was centered on one of the commonly asked questions from Facebook users. Most of them wonder how to join Facebook groups in which they are blocked.

We advised you first to discuss it with the administrator. We then discuss joining using a different Facebook account.

We hope these methods work out for you. Don’t repeat the mistakes if you were unruly and got blocked. Follow us for more tech-related questions, and we will gladly share our insights.

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