Why Does Facebook Messenger Show Date You Blocked Someone and How to Hide or Remove Them?

Facebook Messenger has long bridged the gap between you and your loved ones, irrespective of the distance. It has once again breathed life into our virtual relationship, making it easier for us to keep in touch with the individuals we care about. The platform has a lot of features that make using it a pleasant experience, but the small yet powerful block button is the one users have been curious about lately.

why does facebook messenger show date you blocked someone and how to hide or remove them

We are aware that the app, like any other social media platform, might experience issues; for this reason, it is necessary to block such users. However, the person we’ve blocked frequently has a date next to their name that shows when we blocked them.

Many users are now curious as to why Facebook Messenger displays the date, as well as how to hide or remove them.

So, are you also looking forward to clarifying this concern? Well, it’s great you have stumbled here because we will be addressing this question in the upcoming sections. Please look forward to reading it.

Why Does Facebook Messenger Show Date You Blocked Someone and How to Hide or Remove Them?

If you often use Facebook Messenger, you are aware that it shows the date you blocked someone. The question is, why does the platform reveal the information?

The reason it does this is to make your activity on the platform clear. Anyway, blocking someone on the platform makes your profile invisible to them. They are prohibited from calling you, messaging you, or even viewing your profile photo or story.

So, being able to see when you blocked them is really out of the question! It is illogical to put up the time on the timeline or anyplace else because Facebook does not flaunt when you block someone and does so silently. Please understand that these are anyway records meant only for your eyes, and no one other than you can check this information.

Specifically, “how to hide or remove them” is the second portion of the query.

The dates you blocked someone are a platform setting. Therefore, you cannot hide or erase them. So, no, there’s no built-in option on Facebook Messenger that can assist you in hiding or removing this option as of now. The only option left is to unblock the person so that you don’t see the date, but that is an absolutely absurd course of action, isn’t it?

Everybody has occasionally felt the desire to check the time you blocked someone on Messenger, right? You might want to remember the conversations that led up to that circumstance, or you might just be curious. In either case, keep in mind that it’s easy to determine the date that you blocked someone on the platform.

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