How to See Linked Instagram Accounts on Facebook

There was a time – not too long back ago – when social media platforms were all separate, and the users preferred it that way. It’s because each platform has a certain vibe, a tone – be it professional, aesthetic, or conversational – which their audience adheres to. Expressing different parts of your personality on different platforms gave users a broader range of choices.

see linked instagram accounts on facebook

You could be professional on LinkedIn, indulge in some casual photography on Pinterest, post random thoughts on Twitter, and watch reels on Instagram.

However, with time, integration became the need of the hour. The widening scope of digital marketing – especially social media marketing – had a huge role to play in it.

In 2021, Meta was launched by Mark Zuckerberg (owner of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and now Threads). Meta changed the whole landscape of the world of social media. One of the new possibilities it brought forward was of linking your Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Today, we’re going to talk about this option and, more specifically, answer a query our readers have been coming to us with – how to see linked Instagram accounts on Facebook?

If you’re curious about the answer as well, jump in!

How to See Linked Instagram Accounts on Facebook? A step-by-step process

We understand that you’re here to be able to see all your Instagram accounts linked with Facebook. As it happens, the process of doing so might seem lengthy, but it’s quite straightforward.

For your convenience, we’ve curated a step-by-step guide to doing the same below. Take a look:

Step 1: Launch the Facebook mobile app on your smartphone. As you land on your Home tab, navigate to the bottom-most section of your screen.

You’ll find a bar with six icons on it; the right-most icon on it will have a thumbnail of your profile picture.

Give it a tap next.

Step 2: Doing so will take you to your Main Menu on Facebook.

Here, scroll to the bottom of the page until you find the Settings & Privacy section. It has a grey cogwheel icon placed next to it.

The first option in this section is Settings. Give it a tap.

Step 3: As you’re taken to the next tab, you’ll find the Meta Accounts Centre right on top, with a blue infinity-like icon next to it. Tap on it to go to your Accounts Centre.

Step 4: On your Accounts Centre, the first option you’ll find is Profiles, placed next to your profile picture’s thumbnail.

You’ll also notice that the option has a right-point arrow drawn next to it. Tapping on this arrow will take you to your Profiles tab, where you’ll find the information about all the Instagram accounts linked to your Facebook. Isn’t that exactly what you needed?

Alternatively, there’s a quicker process of finding this detail, too. It’s present right on your profile, but we recommend you follow the process mentioned above if you have the possibility of having linked more than one account.

Why link your Instagram account to Facebook?

Since you’re here with the query of finding your linked Instagram accounts on Facebook, we’ll assume a majority of you have already linked your Instagram and Facebook together. And you’ve done just the right thing.

But for those who are still on the other side of the fence, let’s talk a bit about the concept. What more does it have to offer? Will it make your life easier? Find it all out!

First and foremost, we must keep in mind that both Instagram and Facebook are Meta social media platforms. It’s as if Meta was designed to make integration between these platforms easy, which it has.

If you’re on social media to promote your business – or yourself as an influencer, creator, or service provider – linking accounts is your power move. Why? Because it’s no secret that Facebook as a platform has a much larger user base than Instagram. This can be your opportunity to broaden your horizons and grow your audience manifold.

Other benefits of linking Instagram and Facebook include the integration of messages and content on both platforms. This might come as a surprise to you, but once you link your accounts, you have the choice of managing Facebook’s inbox and Instagram’s DMs all in one place.

The same is true in the case of Content; any time you post something – be it a reel, post, or even story – you have the option of sharing it simultaneously on both platforms with just one click.

Linking Meta accounts also opens you up to various possibilities for expanding in the future, such as ad campaigns, boosting posts, hosting virtual events, and so on.

Now that we’re guessing you’d be convinced let us disclose to you one condition of linking Facebook and Instagram before taking your leave.

To be able to link the meta accounts, your Instagram account has to be a business one; you can’t do this with a private account. If you’re here to grow, we assume that’s already the case. Take this as a caution for those who are still private-account owners on Instagram.

The bottom line

With that, we’ve reached the end of our blog. We hope to have resolved your query in a wholesome manner, leaving behind no questions. But if there are, you can share them with us in the comments section below. We promise we’ll be right back with their answers!

We talked in depth about linking your Instagram and Facebook accounts today, mainly focusing on where you could keep track of all the Instagram accounts linked to your Facebook.

Towards the end, we also talked about the benefits of linking your Instagram and Facebook accounts. If you’re a marketer or creator, that’s something you absolutely wouldn’t want to miss.

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