If You Set Conversation to “Chat Delete After 24 Hours”, Will Other Person Notified?

Today, social media platforms dominate our screens and shape how we connect. Snapchat has emerged as a favorite among the younger generations with its unique features and user-friendly interface. So, what sets Snapchat apart and makes it so appealing to Gen Z? One key reason is its spontaneous and temporary nature. Unlike other platforms where posts remain forever, Snapchat introduces the concept of fleeting moments.

if you set conversation to chat delete after 24 hours, will other person notified

Users can send photos and videos, called Snaps, which vanish shortly. This appeals to Gen Z’s desire for authenticity and spontaneity. They feel more at ease sharing their real, unfiltered selves without having to create a polished persona.

Moreover, Snapchat’s engaging filters and lenses offer unparalleled fun and creativity. Gen Z is drawn to the playful and interactive elements that let them transform into different characters or use amusing effects.

If You Set Conversation to “Chat Delete After 24 Hours”, Will Other Person Notified?

Let’s get straight to the matter at hand: if you set a conversation to be deleted after 24 hours on Snapchat, will the other person find out about it? The answer is yes; the other person will find out in ways more than one.

Snapchat is a huge platform with more than a hundred million users worldwide; several factors must be considered before any concrete decisions are made. So, if there’s a feature you see on the platform, it has likely been mulled over and approved by hundreds of tech professionals before being presented to you.

Many users have argued that when Snapchat lets someone know about a change in chat settings, it’s an invasion of privacy. However, if one thinks about it rationally, doesn’t it make sense for both users in a conversation to be aware of whether or not it’s being saved?

Regardless of whether or not you agree with it, this feature is quite liked by most Snapchat users. Firstly, let us discuss the exact indications that let a user know the conversation is set to be deleted after 24 hours.

#1: It appears in the chat

When you set your Snapchat chats with a person to delete 24 hours after viewing, they receive a message in chat saying, “[your name] changed chats to be deleted after 24 hours.”

What’s more, there’s no way for you to stop them from seeing this. While you can try to spam them with messages and images, there will always be a possibility that they’ll see it.

We suggest discussing this with them before you change the settings. Although you didn’t have any problematic intentions, it still isn’t a good move to try and slip something like this without telling the other person about it.

#2: They’ll observe their chats’ disappearance

Even if you somehow distract them from seeing the message, they’ll still realize that their messages aren’t disappearing when they close the chat.

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