How to See Time of Message in Messenger

Staying connected with those we care about demands more time than ever before. We rely on various social media platforms and messaging services to make this happen, don’t we? Messenger, an instant messaging application created to facilitate communication, enters the picture here. With group conversations, audio and video calling, and other features, it might look similar to your typical messaging applications. However, the popularity of this instant message app among the world’s audience is no joke.

see time of message in messenger

Among all the features, the reliable timestamp takes the cake today. Imagine someone texting you something that makes you all curious, but you fail to notice when it was delivered. You’ll now be left guessing when they sent that message when you opened it.

That’s the pressing question today! We’ll find out how to see the time of the message in Messenger. Read the blog until the end to find out the details.

How to See Time of Message in Messenger?

Whenever someone sends you a message, Messenger helps you by providing you with handy timestamps! It’s also crucial to pay attention to the time stamp for our benefit.

You can determine which conversations require an instant response and better prioritize your time. We can all remember when a certain chat took place, making it easier to recollect specific memories.

As a frequent Messenger user, we’re sure you must have noticed that the app doesn’t show whenever a message is sent or received. It’s safe to assume that they do this to maintain a tidy inbox, but is there truly no way around this feature restriction? Well, this is one of the questions that makes us all curious, right?

Interestingly, there is a way to view the hidden timestamps, which will assist you in determining the time and date of each message sent to the platform. The steps that you must follow are listed below.

Steps to view timestamps on Messenger messages:

Step 1: Open the Messenger application on your phone or tablet and log in if necessary.

Step 2: Move to the desired conversation and open the messages there.

Step 3: Next, find and touch on the message whose timestamp you want to see.

When you do this, the timestamp will show up at the top of the conversation!

Notably, Messenger allows you to view the time and date of the first message that initiated the chat, as you can now see.

Let’s talk about how to find out when the initial message in a chat thread was sent. Following the method will at least help you know that a certain conversation took place on a specific day. It’s still preferable to being unaware of the full situation, at least, isn’t it?

Users of iOS and Android devices can use our step-by-step guide below for a seamless approach.

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