Why Do i Get a Notification Saying Someone is Typing, But Then Get Nothing on Snapchat?

Are you geared up to break your friends’ peace by sending photos at bizarre hours? Welcome Snapchat into your device and consider your job done. You could be one of the many millions of Snapchat users who use the app to have fun while sharing visual content through snaps. The app offers us a variety of notifications that serve as great reminders for any things we might skip. One of these notifications, someone is typing, lets us know when someone is active on the chat box.

why do i get a notification saying someone is typing, but then get nothing on snapchat

However, the question of the hour is, “Why do I get a notification saying someone is typing but then get nothing on Snapchat? Let’s read the blog up to the end to put any questions regarding this issue to rest once and for all.

Why Do I Get a Notification Saying Someone is Typing, But Then Get Nothing on Snapchat?

We have all faced the situation of eagerly expecting a Snapchat message only to be met with radio silence following the “someone is typing notification.” It is a frequent problem that might make you feel bewildered and frustrated.

This notification comes when the text box in your app is open, letting you know that someone has clicked it and will probably send you a message soon. The question is why you haven’t received a message yet. There is more than one reason, and we will discuss them all in order to better understand this.

Reason 1: They changed their minds

We have all experienced the frustration of waiting for a new message on Snapchat after getting a message that someone is typing. The typing alert is undoubtedly useful, but why is there nothing after that?

Well, chances are that the individual began to type their message but changed their mind before pressing the send button! In the end, they decided not to send the message, so all that is left is the mocking default notification.

Reason 2: They mistakenly typed a message.

We know you frequently check Snapchat in anticipation of receiving a message from your best friend, only to be disappointed. Another scenario is that your friend typed a message by mistake but then did not send it. However, their typing already set off the notification, so you will get it.

Do not let this reason disappoint you. There’s a chance that the individual may contact you again soon. Or, if you want to speak right away, why not write them a message first?

Reason 3: Late notifications on Snapchat

We know that notifications are supposed to be delivered in real-time by Snapchat, but this is not always the case. Please be patient, though, as this is an app, and glitches like these are common.

Sometimes the alerts will come after you have finished chatting with the person. So, please ignore them in that case. The issue will be fixed on its own after some time.

Reason 4: In-app bugs

Snapchat is undoubtedly one of the most well-liked social media applications available, but it has flaws just like any other app. Users can find bugs and glitches to be quite annoying, right?

In-app problems result in notifications that someone is typing, but you never really get a message. Try refreshing your app or looking for updates as a possible solution.

Sometimes the solution is actually rather straightforward, but we dismiss them. Hence, try these simple fixes instead of giving up just yet.

Reason 5: Snapchat server has crashed

You may have experienced a number of server-down difficulties if you use Snapchat frequently. Site outages can greatly impact your use of Snapchat, and we think this is also a problem in this situation.

While there may be many causes for this problem, the downtime of the Snapchat server is one of them. The application could be experiencing technical issues that have interfered with the typing notification.

There isn’t much you can do if the Snapchat service is down. It is a problem that periodically arises, so just be patient and wait for the Snapchat team to fix it.

In the end

It is time to end our discussion, so allow us a minute to quickly review the topics. We addressed receiving someone typing a message on Snapchat only to get nothing!

We sincerely hope that you won’t allow the disappointment of seeing a notification that someone is typing but not receiving a message to ruin your day. Read the reasons we’ve given in order to comprehend what’s going on in the background.

So, how did you find the blog’s answers? Please leave a comment below with your opinion about it.

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