Do Saved Snapchat Messages Transfer to New Phone?

Social media has integrated seamlessly into our lives, and it is no surprise that online platforms play a major part in creating and strengthening friendships. Youngsters learn more about their friends outside school, and it makes sense that they also form solid bonds. We also meet and have social media friends with whom we interact only on the platform. Of course, people debate whether it qualifies as real friendship because we rarely meet online friends. However, they can be more of a friend to you than any of your actual “real” friends are, don’t you agree?

do saved snapchat messages transfer to new phone

Social media platforms promote friendships, and we will talk about the gen z favorite, Snapchat, today. The app provides some unique ways to get in contact with other people on the platform.

It has features that people are obsessed with, and it is one of the major reasons people stick with this app. Some of us might not be in contact with many people, but we most certainly use Snapchat filters.

Messages and snaps we send and receive on the app are timed. Hence, they disappear once it is viewed. However, we can save those messages too.

But do you know whether the saved messages on Snapchat transfer to a new phone or not? Users ask this question a lot, and we have heard you!

This is why we will discuss this topic in our blog today. Stick by us until the end to know the answers.

Do Saved Snapchat Messages Transfer to New Phone?

Did you lose your phone and now wish to get a new one? Perhaps your phone is old, and purchasing a new one has been on your wish list!

No matter what your excuse is, buying a new phone is equally exciting and taxing. Exciting because we get to relearn features and explore a new phone model again, but why taxing?

We say taxing since we need to think of transferring files or making sure our social media accounts and Gmail accounts are working! Now doing these wouldn’t have been difficult if only we remembered our passwords. Thus, you are good to go if you remember; otherwise, you need to follow extra steps.

Snapchat users wonder if their saved messages transfer to a new phone, and we will explain it to you. To begin, you must note that you are changing your device and not deleting your Snapchat account.

The messages are saved on your Snapchat servers, so you aren’t going to lose any messages as long as you sign in again on the same account. It means your Snapchat messages do transfer to your new phone.

Besides, please note that you won’t be losing anything. Your streaks and contacts will all remain as it is, and it won’t make any difference if you sign in with your login credentials on any device, for that matter.

Speaking of which, do you know how to save your messages on Snapchat? Let’s refer to the section below to get into further details, shall we?

How do you save chats on Snapchat?

Disappearing messages played a pivotal role in Snapchat’s road to success. People were intrigued by the idea since it gave them more control over social media.

Of course, these timed messages on Snapchat are incredible, but sometimes we do wish to make the messages stay. Have you ever had a conversation so beautiful that the timed Snapchat messages made you a little agitated?

We have the perfect solution because Snapchat allows us to save our chats for those times. Thus, make sure to follow along.

We will let you know how to save messages on the platform.

Steps to save chats on Snapchat:

Step 1: You must tap on your Snapchat app icon.

Step 2: Go to the chat icon and tap on it.

do saved snapchat messages transfer to new phone

Step 3: Upon entering the chat screen, please click on the target individual’s chats.

do saved snapchat messages transfer to new phone

Step 4: Do you see their display name at the top of the chats? Go and click on it.

do saved snapchat messages transfer to new phone

Step 5: You will find three horizontal dots icons at the top right corner of their profile. Tap on it to proceed.

do saved snapchat messages transfer to new phone

Step 6: Select Chat Settings from the menu.

do saved snapchat messages transfer to new phone

Step 7: Go to the Delete chats option next.

do saved snapchat messages transfer to new phone

Step 8: You should see a prompt appear on the screen.

It states: When should chats be deleted?

After viewing

24 hours after viewing

Please select 24 hours after viewing to complete the action.

do saved snapchat messages transfer to new phone


You can choose to save each message line by line on Snapchat too. You can follow the steps below if you want to know how to save particular messages on the app.

Steps to save particular chats on Snapchat:

Step 1: To begin, open the Snapchat app on your phone.

Step 2: You should open the chat screen upon accessing your account. So, click on the chat icon next to the location icon at the bottom.

do saved snapchat messages transfer to new phone

Step 3: Navigate to the target individual’s chat and open it.

do saved snapchat messages transfer to new phone

Step 4: Go to the message you want to save once the chat box opens, and long press on the chat.

Step 5: The following list of options appears on the screen:

Save in chat


Chat reply

Snap reply

Please proceed with Save in chat. Upon doing so, the chat will be highlighted in grey, which means it is saved. You can long press on it again to unsave in chat.

do saved snapchat messages transfer to new phone

In the end

With this, we have marked the end of our discussion. Thus, let’s revisit the key ideas of the discussion, shall we?

The topic of our conversation was to address a commonly asked Snapchat-related question. We talked about “Do saved Snapchat messages transfer to new phone?

We have discussed the question in detail, so make sure you refer to it. Also, we have discussed how to save your chats on this platform.

Please write to us to let us know whether you liked the answers in the blog. Follow our website for more interesting questions and answers you need help with.

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