Why Did i Receive a Text With Snapchat Code When i didn’t Sign Up?

Entering and verifying our phone number with a security code is the first step in creating a Snapchat account. You can always use two-factor authentication if you want additional security! Usage of this optional feature—which offers an additional layer of protection on top of your password—has dramatically grown. Snapchat utilizes two-factor authentication, which verifies a user’s identity during the sign-up process by sending a verification code to the registered phone number.

why did i receive a text with snapchat code when i didn't sign up

An active mobile service is necessary to get the Snapchat code you are sent upon signing up. However, what happens if you don’t sign up for a Snapchat account and get a text message with a Snapchat code?

That seems rather dodgy to us! Don’t you believe this has to have some explanation?

We’re here to answer any questions about what might have happened for you to suddenly receive a Snapchat code. So, let’s get started right now.

Why Did i Receive a Text With Snapchat Code When i didn’t Sign Up?

So, even if you didn’t sign up, you received a dubious Snapchat code? We’ve included three distinct explanations for it below to understand this. If you’re interested, please check it out.

Don’t fall for it; it might be a scam

We assume that even if you didn’t genuinely register for this app, you somehow acquired the Snapchat code. Now, of course, it does sound rather suspicious.

Like many other online apps, Snapchat is known to issue these codes to confirm that you are attempting to sign up for an account. However, you wouldn’t want it if it were a real attempt to access your Snapchat account secretly.

Indeed, this might be a phishing effort, and you should become used to ignoring codes like that. Remember, entering the code means technically compromising your account’s safety.

It might be a mistake

It’s a mistake, but don’t take it too seriously. Have you never entered your number incorrectly, accidentally entering a different digit? Someone else apparently made the same error and inadvertently typed your number into Snapchat.

It makes sense that you would now receive the Snapchat code since they input your phone number. There’s nothing official about it, and the verification code is with you, so don’t panic because they cannot access it.

Ignore the code; maybe they’ll recognize and fix the error to create a Snapchat account with their phone number.

It’s just a prank

Do you think it can be a possibility? The issue is that everyone involved should enjoy themselves when doing pranks. However, we don’t think that joking about your phone number and mysterious Snapchat shenanigans is something that anyone would find amusing.

Ignore the code like the wise person you are since that’s the smartest thing to do. Also, if you find out who did this, ask them not to do it anymore.

Here’s what you should do instead:

Be calm if you receive a Snapchat code despite not creating an account. The three things we will teach you are important to remember and act upon.

Don’t enter the code

Do not do that! You are jeopardizing your account’s security by entering the code anywhere or providing it in a random text message or phone call.

We don’t think you would want to be locked out of your account by someone you don’t know well. Entering the codes increases the risk of cyberattacks and the disclosure or improper use of your personal data!

Change your password

Here’s an easy idea to calm your nerves before you become anxious about your phone number being misused: play it smart! First, look at your other social media accounts, such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Do you see anything unusual happening?

Unexpected increase in Facebook friends or followers on Instagram or Twitter that you’re sure you haven’t accepted? We think it’s time for a little change-up if you use the same password across your social media accounts.

Create strong, one-of-a-kind passwords instead of username123 ones. You won’t need to worry about anything after you’ve secured your account with a strong password.

Contact Snapchat support

Do you still feel jittery even after changing passwords and securing your account? It is okay!

If you’re worried, you can report the problem and get advice on how to safeguard your account by getting in touch with Snapchat support. The Snapchat support team will probably come up with a better option for you.

Please take note of the instructions below on how to contact Snapchat support and make sure you are following them.

Here’s how you can reach Snapchat support:

Step 1: Open the Snapchat account on your smartphone.

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