How to See Who Viewed Your Google Docs

Google docs, is specialized in giving life to your words. It makes your writing easy by styling and editing tools that format your texts and align them in a good paragraph. These all features are free that includes hundreds of fonts, images, links, drawing and many more. It also supports the extension of the Grammarly app. This app checks the grammatical errors free.

who viewed your google docs

Google Docs comes along with read-only permission by you can share the document with some people with the intent that they can view your documents without altering it.

Google Drive makes collaboration between two people effective and easy to add a new activity dashboard. It also lists a history of shared files. This feature will roll up this month in Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides. It can only be enabled by G Suite administrators to have control over what data is shown. If you have any miscommunication in your office, it can help you out. The Viewing data for a particular file is also featured in the Activity Dashboard. There are even many restrictions for the protection of privacy. It also comes with an Activity Monitor that allows the viewers to see a particular document file.

How to See Who Viewed Your Google Docs

  • Open Google Drive on your Desktop or Phone.
  • Pick a random file that you have shared with any organization.
  • Open it.
  • Click to Tools in the Menu Bar
  • Select Activity Monitor
  • Click on All Viewers

That’s it, next you will see who viewed your Google Docs files of all time.

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