What Does it Mean When Girl Calls You Dude or Bro

The age-old question of “what does he/she mean?” has rarely been answered correctly, especially by guys. Although girls have often been known to understand exactly what’s happening, guys have always been oblivious to girls’ advances/rejections. There are many reasons behind this: puberty hits females before males, and even in general, girls are known to be much more emotionally mature than boys. Boys are notorious for not having much emotional depth, or to quote Hermione Granger, “Just because you’ve got the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn’t mean we all have.”

what does it mean when girl calls you dude or bro

However, this doesn’t mean that guys can use this as an excuse not to try and understand what girls are trying to say. It’s a sign for guys to increase their knowledge to that level. If they can’t up their game, they’ll be the ones left alone in the end.

Don’t worry; while it might sound difficult in theory, it isn’t so in the practical world. One tip that goes a long way is that girls are also humans, and they want to be treated well. Of course, there is no one rule that applies to every girl.

Everyone is different, and what works great with one might turn out to be a disaster with another. Many things matter when trying to figure out what a girl means, and it mostly depends on that girl more than any generally established facts.

If you wish to date the girl you’re talking to, it’s a good idea to learn about her past relationships, if any. What were the problems? What does she like? Keep in mind whichever behavioral traits tend to set her off the most, and try avoiding them at all times.

If, in her last relationship, she was made to think that she was not beautiful or that she was making things up, do the opposite. Compliment her whenever you get a chance, and never try to gaslight her into anything.

As long as you try to understand her and make her happy while keeping your self-respect and worth, it’ll all be good. Today’s blog will discuss what a girl means when she calls you dude or bro.

What Does it Mean When Girl Calls You Dude or Bro?

To let you out of your misery, let us first tell you that not all girls mean the same things when they call you dude or bro. It depends on your relationship with them, what they expect it to grow into, and how comfortable they are with you.

In general, girls call you bro as a way of greeting you informally, as one would a friend. In a nutshell, she thinks of you as a friend and is comfortable around you. But that’s not all.

Sometimes, girls call you bro if they wish to spend more time with you. To get a better idea of what she could’ve meant, you can try to observe her using the word in other contexts.

So, if she uses it with everyone, including all her girlfriends and other guys, it’s a good sign that it’s just her way of talking. But if you notice that you’re the only one she calls dude or bro, she may be trying to set you apart from her other relationships.

One interesting observation is how much you use these words. If she only started saying these after meeting you, it’s possibly an unconscious sign of her liking you. Extra points if you don’t use the words to refer to her but to others around you.

Another possibility that you might not like as much but can still be true is that she’s trying to play you. Depending on your personality, her mindset, and your past experiences with her, it’s possible that she’s doing this intentionally to confuse you.

So, as you can tell, any number of things are possible in a situation as subjective as this. Instead of trying to decode their behavior by hook or by crook, don’t you think that direct communication will be far more efficient?

Too much overthinking and reading between the lines can never do any good. In fact, if you’re already an anxious person, you might end up making things much worse for both of you. So, try not to give in to your insecurities.

What you should do is approach and ask her what she means. While it sounds simple, it’s not easy at all. This has to be done as delicately and cautiously as possible for the best results to avoid making her feel cornered or put on the spot.

Try going with a simple opening like

Hey, I’ve noticed you call me bro and dude a lot. So happy to learn that we’re homies for real!

This’ll show her that if she’s trying to play you, you won’t be addressing it. But if you like to be completely direct about your feelings, now is as good a time as any.

Go straight to them and say something along the lines of

Hey, I’ve noticed that you call me bro and dude a lot. So, it looks like that’s where you want us to be? I just wanna confirm that we’re never getting past that, so I can move on.

Remember that you must not come across as desperate or needy in both cases. Do not try to show that you’re looking for a specific answer or want her to reply in a particular way. Just show genuine curiosity and a bit of impatience. One sign of weakness is all it’ll take to get you back into the bro zone.

On the other hand, if you know she isn’t interested in you, it’ll be detrimental to your relationship if you still bring it up. Just let it be, and if she ever really liked you, she’ll bring up the subject herself. If she doesn’t, then that would be her loss, right?


It’s not very practical to try and understand what a girl means online, because every girl is different. If you learn something from somewhere and try to apply it to your situation, you’ll probably end up making things worse.

While there are some highly generalized reasons behind why a girl might call you dude or bro, it’s always best to add context. If you’ve always felt like you’ve had a spark, but she’s gotten distant lately, address it directly and don’t back down.

The same goes for if you think she likes you and is playing with you to confuse you. As long as you have some basis for your assumption and many guts to stand your point, you’ll always be in the right.

If you’re in such a situation and want some personalized advice, let us know in the comments section; we’d love to help!

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